Sunday, 13 January 2013

Friends, Family, and Food

This is me with my oldest friend ever Leonie and her daughter Sydel.  Leonie and I go back to when we were babies, yes that is how long we have known each other.  The lovely Sydel is my Fairy god daughter!!  They were en route from being at the beach to the in laws, then heading back to Wellington the following day.  So a quick catch up was rather welcome.  I made them sit on the front door step with me as these two ladies are sky scrapers compared to me and I didn't want to look like I should have been in the Hobbit!!  Our husbands get on well and our kids all get on great too, so we are lucky!!  Not many peeps can say they have had and still have a life long friend.  So THANKS Leonie!!  We have shared alot in our 50 years and no doubt will share alot in the next 50!!

I noticed the other evening that my Pink Lillie's are looking some what beautiful.  They almost look like they have been hand painted with water colour.  I was given some bulbs from a friend so I am not totally sure what other colours are going to appear in my garden.  Nothing like SURPRISE in the garden.

My tomatoes are doing pretty well.  I grew mine from seeds and have a small competition with TOF, but he doesn't know about it yet.  He is usually the Tomato grower and he purchased his plants, but  mine are doing just as well.  Our apple tree has a huge crop on it, and I cannot wait to be able to eat these.  The ones in the supermarket are soft and tasteless, so these scrum diddle apples will be welcomed with open arms when they are ready.

It was my eldest sister Diana's birthday yesterday, 54 I think.  I went to her place to drop off a gift and have a cuppa.  Her grandsons Kyden and Arlo were there chilling out.  They have a baby brother cooking at the moment that is due in April,  so their mum Jade was having a little bit of time out.  Diana had picked me a supermarket bag full of plums from Jades place, so today I set to and made some jam.

I have enough left to make some Plum sauce, just need to locate a good recipe and it will be job on.  TOF and I had bog standard, well not really bog standard, plum jam sarnies for lunch today.  Fresh bread with home made plum jam, Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!  I only have to go and pick Blueberries with Dawn and make jam and our pantry will be stocked with enough varieties of Jam to see us through the year. 
I bought a new toy for the kitchen the other day.  We have so much produce in the garden that I am going to be able to vacuum seal and freeze until my hearts content.  TOF has a good crop of leeks that are pretty much ready.  We had some for dinner the other night with spuds from his patch and some lovely home kill lamb.  I am thinking of slicing the leeks, vac packing and freezing, then they are ready for winter stews, casseroles and other winter warmers.  Might even make some Leek and Zucchini soup, a favourite of mine.

Hope you have all had a pleasant weekend where ever you are and you are happy and healthy.

Much love

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