Monday, 28 January 2013

Gotta love a long weekend in Summer

This weekend has been one of those 3 day jobbies  here in Hamilton.  Anniversary weekend and the weather has been fantabulous for the entire time.  On Saturday morning I collected my sister and took her op shopping.  I haven't shopped with her for years  but I am pleased to report that obviously age has mellowed us both and we had a very enjoyable morning out, and I would do it again.  Traditionally my other sister the one that lives at the beach is my shopping buddy (and best friend) but she is on a break from the family at the moment and that's fine.  I am hoping with all my heart that  she will want me back in her life soon 'coz I miss the beejezus out of her but I am giving her the space she requires.  Anyway, TOF and I decided to go out for dinner on Saturday night.
His boss had given him two $50 vouchers for the Casino in town, which included eating, drinking and bowling but no gambling!  I though a hundy in the casino gambling would have been brilliant!!  No no, so we had a meal instead. We only used one of the vouchers because we paid for our drinks, this way we can go back!!  We sat outside on the balcony and watched the comings and goings on the Waikato River, and looked into the backyards of some beautiful homes.  It was windy but nice, hence my wind swept look.  The green bag I found at the Hospice for $3 and it was perfect for taking out.  TOF was showing that he is my 10!  After we had eaten TOF gave in and we went into the casino, woo hoo!!!!  I got out $20 to play with and play I did on the pokies, TOF even had a crack but he thinks it is all a tad on the boring side.  But when I cashed up and we had $94 he wasn't complaining!!!! I love having a wee gamble every now and again, the trick is to set a limit, and not a silly one either.  We went to the supermarket on our way home and got a box of bevies and some other bits and bobs as we had a night out on Sunday.
On Sunday I had to pickle my gherkins as they were ready to be done.  TOF always calls them Ferkin Gherkins and won't eat them so this is what they have been labelled and I got 4 jars of them.  I also made some Basil and Cashew pesto, 1 and a 1/2 jars of that and it is delish!!!  Being the bargin shopper that I am I went out to the Base (shopping Centre) and got me some potting mix stuff and things from the Warehouse.  Then I wandered in to Briscoes were the Purple spotted jug was begging me to take her home.  Last one left and half price, so OKAY come with me.  Found some very cute and cool sauce bottles that were only $2-50 each due to being half price, great for apple or tomato sauce, but not together!!  The very last Sweet peas have been picked and placed in a vase.  The wildflowers have been stripped away now and I think TOF has put cauliflowers and or cabbages in the vacant spot.
On Sunday night we headed out to Raglan to our friends Diane and Grant.  We call Grant the G Rant!!  They have a lovely home out there with fabulous views out nearly every window of the sea (even the loo has a view).  We took spuds and corn from our garden plus some lamb snags and some steak, and plenty of beer.  So we cranked up the BBQ and ate out on the deck as the sun started to set and the moon started to rise.  Absolutely perfect.  I would live out there in a flash, but where I want to live is EXPENSIVE so visiting is what we will continue to do.
Another glorious day today so me and TOF have been pottering about in the garden.  I can hear him now hanging my gate.  But I will steer clear until I get the call to admire the grandness of the working gate!!  We have white bait and planning on making fritters with them for our dinner tonight. 

Does life get any better than this!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

We were at Raglan too yesterday, had a meal at Orca, was very nice too! Heck we could have driven past where you were, we could have waved lol :D

Vix said...

That casino's in one gorgeous location! What a brilliant boss TOF has found himself. Gambling doesn't do it for me but booze and food, yes please! xxx