Friday, 25 January 2013

A gate to just DYE for!!

The other day I remembered that I had my collection of dyeing gear stashed in a top cupboard that I used to use when doing batik.  Dragged it out of the gloomy cobweb filled cupboard and found I only had two colours and not really sure what colours they were.  Procion dyes you see numbered not named.  And then of course I no longer had my recipe on quantities, thank god for google!!  I had a pair of leggings in a pale blue that needed to be revived from nanasville and a top in cream that just wasn't working for me either.
A bit of tie dying took place and a few trials and errors with dying and ta-frickin-da, here is the result!!  Oh and my new gate scored from the Dumporium yesterday for $10, cheaper than making one and funnily enough the same colour as our fences so it was meant to be!!  TOF has the project of hanging the gate so it is useable over the weekend, lucky its a long one here!!
Of course I slipped into a few oppy shops while out yesterday and came home with this  little haul of goodness.  Scintilla skirt $$s, 2 brollies at $1.99 each, top $6, tray $3, cruet set and spoon $2.50 the lot, bangle $1, skirt $6.  The Scintilla skirt has a gorgeous hot pink screen print of Toi tois on the hem.
Moving right along now to the Gifts from my garden and others.  Tex and Sheba are checking out the Gherkins I picked from my sisters house, with Rhubarb from TOFs patch.  I platted up the garlic this morning so I can hang it in the kitchen and the girls had got serious about laying.  The jar of fresh Basil is from Dawns and my car smelled so nice after driving home with this in the back.  Thinking Pesto!!
This huge platter/bowl I picked up today for $6 from the SPCA and the Pink Hydrangea was $7 from Habitat.  I dropped of a big pile of magazines and a stash of plastic bags at Habitat this morning before going out to Dawns place.  It would have been rude not to have gone inside so I did and found the pink Hydrangea near the door.  It will go in a pot and I will have to find out what I need to feed it to keep it Pink.  Just want a white one now.  I called in at the SPCA on my way home from Dawns as it was en route because I had to get chicken feed which is sort of near by.  True it is!!

Long weekend here in the Tron so me and TOF will no doubt be pottering about in our designated gardens.  We have things to harvest and things to plant.  A drive out to Raglan to see friends is on the cards as well. I am keen to tie dye something else so that could well happen too.  I forgot to take a pic of the cream crocheted cardy I got for $2 that is now the most beautiful orange.  Maybe tomorrow.



Vix said...

You've worked wondered with those leggings, they look so cool now! Love the parasols you scored and that lovely wooden gate. xxx

Helga! said...

O,yay for a great score on the gate!
The leggings look awesome; I used to LOVE dyeing clothes, but overdid it a bit and got tired of it.I could get into it again, though....
Love the little parasols and the cruet set, the skirt on the right looks damned funky! Looks like we were both being looked upon kindly by the Op Shopping Goddess this week!

Misfits Vintage said...

Love the leggings and the gate and the yummy homegrowns!! Sarah xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

The outfit looks pretty cool! Perfect gate! :D Did you get those parasols at Franktons Savemart? We picked them up and decided against them for the party :D