Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I have been busy, time for a catch up.

The lovely lady I work for on Mondays, took a long weekend so I worked in her shop on Friday, Saturday, and then Monday and yesterday. Totally enjoyed every day but wasn't sad not to be needed today.   It was so nice not to rush breakfast and pack a lunch , so I chilled out for a wee bit before I was collected by two Poms and a French woman!!  Actually it was Sue and her English mate Liz and her French visitor Alice, and we were going on a op-shop-a-thon.  Except I only went to one as I had things to catch up on here due to being a working girl for the last few days.  So we went to Habitat and I wandered across the road to my local Salvo just before lunch, (new ladies running it so the pricing is  better). What did I find?  Well this is what I found:

At Habitat I found the vintage apron pattern for 50c, the cutest honey pot for $4, and a Thomas the Tank Engine container for my great nephew who is a TTTE fan at the moment.  Oh and the purple skirt for $5.  At the Salvo all shoes were only ONE DOLLAR a pair!!!!  I found some pale blue Minx Mary Janes and colourful Briarwood slip ons.  The Green bag was $6, the blue dress was $6 and the palest pink and sequined cardy was also $6.But my find of the day has to be my vintage sun umbrella for a mere $5-50!!!!! 

It's a beauty and I am pretty sure my eldest sister will want to borrow it to take camping, she has a caravan and just got some Pink Flamingos to go outside the door.  I was pretty casual today in 7/8 jeans, sleeveless top and my ultra comfy Birkies.  All second hand!!

Ok, I am working backwards with my catch up so stay with me!! The other night I was doing a spot of weeding out the front where Tex hangs out and he decided to join in.

Lets just call him CAMO CAT!!  So helpful.  Today I found him spilling out of the pet bed that he and Oscar alternate in using.  As in if Oscar has been sleeping in it, Tex decides it is his bed.

Yesterday I frocked up for work and went for Green and white!!  Change of bag of late, I have been using this gorgeous one my darling friend Lou-lou-belle made me.  Isn't it fabulous?  She is a clever old tart she is.

On Sunday, remember we are going backwards, I went out to visit my niece and her wee boys.  Kyden (6) has a go kart and a small motor bike that he can tear about in one of the paddocks.  He has a bit of a track and he was desperate for me to watch him.  Arlo (3) was awfully busy inside doing his puzzle!!
Kyden being a bloke!
Arlo puzzling out.
I think they have about 4 acres of land, so Jade has  two dogs, Lonnie the Jack Russel and Tank the big bitzer, some sheep and four chickens and two roosters.  Also a pretty good sized orchard that she has added to. Big old Plum and apple trees that are loaded with fruit.  It was so nice to be out in the country relaxing with her and her little family.
And finally before I sign off, a few flowers from my own garden.  Just loving the colour!!  Tomorrow I am off out to my Potter friends place, she has some new things to be photographed.


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Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Right that Salvo is back on the list fer shure!! :D Them shoes are great! Did you say pink flamingoes?? will she hire them out?? :D Tex? Where woz he then!! lmao! I've got a heap of pots for your potty mate! :D