Thursday, 10 January 2013

The heat is on!!

I love summer I do and I am so grateful that we have a pool that we can construct for the hot weather, then dismantle and store over winter.  Of course we are not suffering the extreme hear that our Australian neighbours are experiencing, but this is pretty warm.  But as for the wee pool, it is a very welcome guest at the moment, and I have even dunked the dogs in it so they get to cool off as well.  TOF likes to do bombs off the ladder!!  Men!!  Do they ever grow up??  It isn't very deep but it is enough to cool down considerably in the privacy of my own back yard, and it has a filter thing and I dose it with chlorine pills so it is basically tickety boo!!

Yesterday was the first SuesDay outing for the new year.  Dressed in my best Bet Lynch I was ready to attack the shops, my animal instinct was ready!!  The fabulous necklace I bought yesterday in a posh shop having a sale, scored it for $14 and wore it out of the shop.

The gorgeous wooden tray with folding legs and a clever little wooden thing that makes the tray tilt, was all of $5.

Pyrex type lemon casserole lidded dish was $5 and small pink frosted glass vase was $1.

Long strand of faux pearls was only $1, can go two or three times round my neck, or multiple times around my wrist for a fab bracelet.

Selection of books and a fancy key  holder.  $5, 50 cents, $3 and $2.

Old wooden tie rack $1, Hermes black leather bag $3, Chinese Jacket $7, and Line 7 fine long black cardy $4.

The dinkiest triple layered tin for $2 and the floral thing was also $2.  Not sure if its a necklace or a head piece??

Not sure if I have shown my purple flower jandals but they are the ultimate in comfort, even have a slight wedge.
Today while out and about I went into this Moroccan shop that I just LOVE, the purple shoes are hand made in leather and only $35.  Super soft and comfy as.  They had them in Orange as well, awfully tempting!!

Too hot to think, and TOF has arrived home from having a quiet beer at the local with a mate so we are now off to the supermarket.

♥ T'ra ♥

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Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Blimey that was quite a haul in the end wasn't it! :D lol I should have come over for a dip in your pool today, it t'were 'ot!