Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Apparently it is Wednesday!!

And it feels like a Sunday.  Waitangi Day today so for those that do attend work on a daily basis, they didn't have to go.  Because they were home, it felt like a weekend.  TOF and I basically mucked about at home all morning, went and did the grocery shopping and visited Bunnings for more plants.  We took the B car out both times.

This is the B car, formerly known to the previous owner as Beatrice.  A 1995 Toyota Corolla Hatch and she is a beauty.  The A car would be the red one.  Jak has been given our old station wagon and we bought a motor scooter for Max.  B car is mainly for TOF to use to get to and from work, but we both keep wanting to take her out for a spin!!  Like this afternoon I took her to visit some young friends of mine that have just got some chickens.
Wee Jethro is nearly 4 and him and his big sister Tabitha are totally enjoying the new pets.  As is mum Hayley, whom I now call Ma Kettle!!  They have the most gorgeous kitten which I think is called Ollie but I cannot be certain.  I kept call it her and she when in fact it is him and he!!  So what chance did I have at remembering its dam name? NONE!
Lets just say Ollie was stalking something in the garden and was rather entertaining to watch.  As the old saying goes, "Curiosity killed the cat, but information brought it back".
Last weekend I won an auction for this fabulous mint green with white spots dinner set.  Although an incomplete dinner set, it is gorgeous all the same.  I went and got some white cups to go on the saucers and it is all mixed in with my old white dinner set.  The new one is an oldie from the mother land (England) by TG Green and Co, called Domino.  I think it may now be discontinued but not certain.  All I know is that I love it, it has SPOTS after all.  And I love SPOTS and STRIPES, so it is a winner for me.  My poached egg on Vogels looks perfect on it too, and everything fits ticketyboo like on my $3 tray from the Dumporium!!  

I helped my friend Diane with her Garage Sale on Saturday and was so hot and bothered by the end that I needed a drink.
On Monday at work we had a huge collection of Artwork by Violet Jolly and her mother Phylis Jolly for sale.  By the end of the day I had sold over $700 worth and decided I may just grab some for myself.  Violet taught my mother Art at High school when my mum was a teenager.  Both Violet and her mother were very talented and most of their work has already been sold at Auction.  They are both of course deceased and I am looking at my big framed piece I got as an investment, that I really like so if it doesn't grow in value I do have a painting that I will enjoy.
The framed one is huge and was done by Phylis and is hanging in my front entrance.  The smaller mounted but not framed piece is by Violet.  Probably look around at the oppies for an old frame to use.

Well now that I know it is Wednesday and not Sunday, I shall carry on with the rest of my week.  Apparently I am helping Max move flats.  Bloody good of me really!!


Vix said...

The art is beautiful, what a fantastic sum to raise for charity, too.
Love the killer kitten and you nursing that jeroboam! x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Now that's my kinda glass! Yep! :D

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy arsebiscuit - look at the size of that bottle!!! The paintings are beautiful and yay for baby chickens!

Sarah xxx