Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Haircuts, stamps and shwinging!!!

Just realised it has been a week since my last post.  Feel like I am at confession!!!  And I'm not even a follower of the Pope by golly!!
Anyway, my short hair is slowly getting to be long hair and can finally be dragged back into a pony tail  of sorts.  Reminds me of the paint brush style pig tails I had when very young.  But even tho I am excited beyond belief that I can finally tie my hair up, it was annoying the beejeezus out of me so a visit to a hair dresser was in need.   I just needed a good old tidy up!!  They in the world of Hairdressing call it a trim.  Even decided to try a new hairdresser out, some one younger, hip and happening, well basically available!  A friend of mine has a gorgeous daughter that ticked all the boxes and was not only available but affordable.  So a phone call was made and an appointment was confirmed and as my new stamp says:
Excellent!!  Purchased from one of my favourite stores, Typo.

Long story short, Sue W arrived in yesterday so she came with me on my missions of the day and ended up in the chair next to me getting a major pruning of her own.  Once we were presentable we headed back to mine to drink hot tea and Shwing in the Shwing chair outside and take pics as way of celebrating the overhaul in the hair department.
See I am just tidier, still able to style into the paint brush pony tail when required, but I can now see.

Found this last week amongst other fabulous things that were all half price at Hospice and other op shops.  Going to hang on my deck and put seed in it because that is what you do with something that is for Free Bird Seed.

I am still recovering from doing housework the other day so excuse the shorter than normal post.  I need to go lie down.


Misfits Vintage said...

Ermahgerd, cleaning and a haircut in the same week? You definitely need a lie down darling - possibly even a holiday in Tahiti!

Sarah xxx

Vix said...

Welcome back! Your new hair looks gorgeous and love the pair of you lounging in the sunshine! x

Helga! said...

Looking gorgeous darling! You'll have enough hair for a great big beehive before long!
Settle down on that cleaning, it's just not healthy! XXX

sergio castaño peña said...

wow, what an amazing purposes!
simply loving them. i hope youll like my blog as i love your ones!

definitely keep like this, and i hope we could follow each other to stay in touch!
wish you the best!!