Thursday, 28 February 2013

When a friend turns 50!

Yesterday Sue W my op shopping buddy finally hit the big one!!  Last night her husband Joe had a small dinner party for her and me and TOF were lucky enough to make it onto the guest list.  All we needed to take was desert.  Now I am not much of a cook but I have been known to make a reliable Pavlova so I thought I can do this.  My style of cooking is somewhat experiential, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  Luckily TOF does a majority of the cooking in this house and this would be one reason our sons have made it this far!!  Mind you they never once complained when I would boil the peas to burning in the bottom of a saucepan!!
My Pavlova worked out fine, got smothered in cream, covered in chocolate hail and had some Blueberries placed on top.  Next was my Apple and Blackberry crumble using fruit from our garden.   The experiment here was adding almond nuts to the crumble part and grated butter so it crunched up on top.  These both got eaten so nothing for the scrap bin, they must have been a success or the other guests are all being violently ill today. Sues neighbor Glen the farmer whom I call the desert king rocked up with a couple of Rhubarb and Fejoa pies.  Plus Joe had visited the Cheesecake shop, so needless to stay, we had desert covered.  Dinner was lovely, roast chicken (not one of Sues), an assortment of veges and a salad all from their garden.  Washed down with lots of booze.  Me, one beer, small champagne to toast the old tart, and that was it.  Not a big drinker and also I was driving us home as TOF was knocking back the bevvies like it was a weekend and not a school night.
Nothing quite says 50 like a road sign and a walking stick so that is what we gave our birthday girl.  The sign was promptly hung up in the barn and got leyed!!!  And no officer I know nothing about where that sign came from, it was not me!!!
The walking stick was used in many a dance move and will be helpful for the poor old dears knees today I would say.
We were supposed to be decorating the barn but that didn't quite happen for one reason, drinking!!!
I did decorate one wall so I have contributed. But I dare say it is going to look fabulous on Saturday night when the BIG party is on.

Before dinner Clyde the dog found a stick.  Well some may call it a branch!!  He broke off all the small twigs with his teeth and then wanted TOF to play.  TOF broke a bit of the branch/stick so a game could proceed.  An endless game at that!!! But the obliging TOF played his part while sinking a few cold beers.

As for wee Max, well partying was just all too much for him, he retired to a chair and watched as the evening unfolded!!

There was birthday cake, the neighbours, even two of the French had returned.  It was a fun evening and I am sure the party this weekend will be hilarious.  I shall be taking my camera!!

I am working in the shop this afternoon, all tomorrow and on Saturday.  I also have my nieces baby shower on Saturday and then Sues BIG party.  Might need to sneak in a nan nap or three before then.

Hope your week is going well.


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

It was a great night and a good practice run for the biggie! Loved my pressies thanks buddy :D

Vix said...

Looks like a fantastic night and a superb practice for the real thing! Love sleepy Max! xxx