Sunday, 3 March 2013

Barn dance for the elderly!!

Finally Saturday night arrived!!  Had been a busy week and an incredibly busy day on Saturday for me.  With working in the shop, then going to a baby shower, I got home only to get changed and head on out to Sue Ws birthday party.
So me and TOF got dressed in beach gear, me in a bikini!!  I scored a nana bag for Sue that I glued flowers to the top, filled with goodies and then draped a hula skirt on it to deliver it to her.  She hates Nana bags on wheels so it only seemed right that I got her one.  When ever we are out op shopping and I find one of these beauties I park it next to her and walk away.  I always hear her go" oh fuck off".  Inside this was a sample of Tena lady with a DVD on pelvic floor exercises, loads of prescription drugs, helpful information sheets from a chemist, a huge wine glass with Birthday Girl on it, and a few other take the piss type of gifts.
The barn looked fantastic, totally pimped out for the party.  There was bikini bunting hanging at the bar and more bunting along one of the farm fences outside.  Alice the lovely french woman staying made all the cool as signs.  Some drunken petonqu was being played outside, and alot of drinking and dancing was going on inside.  It was a fabulous night!!
The birthday girl did a bit of snogging with young men. Does that make her his Cougar or him her Toyboy?
My lot settled in for the night, except TOF bailed and went home when the younguns left but I stayed on until after midnight because I can do that!!!
Sue proved that she still has what it takes!!

The young ones were doing the shots!!  They propped up the bar nearly all night, with Michael, Sues sons clearly enjoying his roll as head bar man making cocktails and lining up the shots.
These lads all went through high school together and really good mates, that Sue and I have had numerous good times with over the years. My one is in the red top.
It was a brilliant night and one that will be remembered by some and not by others.
The food was amazing and the band was outstanding, but the best part was that our birthday girl got to have the party she wanted after all her hard work at planning and decorating.  She had a ball!!!

And like most parties, someone always ends up butt naked some where!!

I think we should celebrate birthdays every 10 years now as they are all milestones from 50 on!!!


Vix said...

That looks brilliant fun, I wish I could have joined you! Love the pinny and what you gave Sue, you're a cheeky one. xxx

Helga! said...

Gawd, I can imagine this was a total blast, with you two whoring about!
That t shirt is a hoot!
I'm all for granny bags, actually, I would like one to attach to my bike! She better damn well appreciate it!

Misfits Vintage said...

Yay - happy birthday Suezapalooza!!! The party looks such fun - I especially like the butt naked young man!!!

Sarah xxx