Saturday, 30 March 2013

Down and dirty with the bulbs.

Yesterday I got all prepared to plant my bulbs, so armed with a few essentials I got to and DID IT!
Fabulous gloves on, time to get stuck in.
Preparation is of course essential as is making sure you are hydrated!!
A few simple steps and I was on my way!

 Ta-fricken-da and Hallelujah because it is Easter, JOB DONE!!

Tex provided the essential company, good advise and help out the front.
Sheba and Oscar were on back up duty behind the screen door, and Tex finished the session with a well deserved drink.

Roll on Spring, even though we still have Autumn and Winter to get through first.  But I am prepared!!


Helga! said...

I'm pleased to see you had some liquid refreshment! Yay for Tex being so helpful, he helps in the same way PeePee does, by plopping seductively!
You are so bloody organised, it hurts! I love flowers, but rely on G to get the bulbs in....we only have dahlias and lillies, though, not a big flower patch here.

Vix said...

Beer and bulbs, maybe if I adopted that method I'd start taking more of an interest in growing stuff!
Tex is a babe and I'm loving your gardening outfit, fancy gloves and all! xxx