Thursday, 4 April 2013

catching up before I dissapear to do housework....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

The Irish are coming on Saturday!!  That is TOFs mother, sister, brother in law and one of the nephews.  We are going out for a family diner, celebrating the MILs (mother in law) birthday and them all being in NZ for 50 years.  So tomorrow I will have to do the mother of all clean ups around here, because I am not big on housework.  So before I glove up and get stuck in I shall recap what I have been up to of late.
Last Saturday was my mothers 75th birthday so my eldest sister and I took her out for lunch.  It was reasonably pleasant until she did her usual Maori bashing amongst other things.  So I was glad to drop her off and head out that night with Dawn to the movies.  We upgraded to some flash seats with foot rests, recline and a table, which hosted our complimentary drinks from the bar and some popcorn.  Didn't dare go into recline for fear of nodding off and snoring.  Not that  it would happen because the Movie was really good.  I am shit with titles but it was the Oz one, the pre to Wizard of Oz and quite magical.
Sunday morning I went out to Dawns to photograph the finished letterbox, now installed out at the Gallery that it is being Exhibited ready for sale.  Ended up bringing her and her man (both slightly hungover) back into town to pick up their car that they had left in a carpark from the night before due to a little indulging in some drinkies!!
This clock is going to be wicked when it has the ticking part installed.  Don't you love the Queen Bee??!! The other things are some of my bits, they are ready to be strung and hung.  More to come tho so going to wait til I have them all before I display them in the garden and around my neck!!
Also on Sunday I striped out my Koru garden and re soiled it and planted succulents.  So easy as I have zillions of these in pots and stuff around the garden.  Trick now is not to walk on this as it is all low.  Quite pleased with the result.
Easter Monday I worked in the shop.  Well work  is an exaggeration to say the least.  I opened at 10am and closed at 4pm, after having only 5 paying customers and a few browsers.  Didn't think it would be busy but I went to work anyway.  So I faffed about at the back and this is what I wore.  The Lace jacket is really nice and I will have to get a photo of the back to show how it is all ruched up and appliqued.
Tuesday turned up on time again so I popped round to visit an old friends beautiful eldest daughter (my hairdresser) who has just given birth to her second little boy, Maddox.  I took loads of photos for her with her older boy Ashdyn and she is going to cut my hair in exchange.  I like bartering, it is a good thing!

Wednesday was a blur of doing stuff round home and escaping out for part of the day.  Today I have been out and about the op shops and found that the Red Cross in Frankton is half price on all its clothing.  Actually makes it affordable!!  Sorry but everything is in the wash so will share at a later date.   Hopefully tomorrow when I put on my domestic goddess hat and do housework I will work up enough sweat to get rid of the Easter Eggs I managed to find in my mouth over the long weekend.  Good luck with that I say!!



OP SHOP MAMA said...

I LOVE your koru garden!!! That is awesome.
Cute baby - nice photo taking!

Yeh my local red cross had the half price clothes going on too.. makes the prices a bit more do-able! Got some cool half price bags in there the other day.
Enjoy the balloons!

Vix said...

I've never heard of a koru garden but I'm in love with it!
Dawn's pottery is fantastic and I love your monochrome outfit, too! xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Those reclining movie seats are such a treat aren't they, although I too would have trouble keeping awake. I love your new succulent garden, a work of art hon! My god the letterbox is incredible!!!!!!! The clock is like something from the glorious Art Deco era and I can't wait to see all the beautiful colourful shapes strung up and on show:)). The pics of your lovely hairdresser and her boys are beautiful! xxoo