Friday, 22 March 2013

OMG!!! It's Friday already!!!

Who stole my week???  Anybody??
Well who ever took it, I hope you had a good old time with it, because I obviously did and I cannot remember where it went and if it even took my along for the ride!!
I do know I had lunch at Lake Rotoroa which is smack bang in the middle of my City Hamilton.  Me and Sue W had a bit of a crack at the op shops on Tuesday and then she suggested we DO LUNCH, as you do, at the Lake.  Mighty fine it was too.  Lovely day but the wind was blowing like a bugger causing white caps on the lake so we sat indoors.  And yes we did manage to find plenty of lovely things and we filled up the car.  The B car that is, as TOF was away with work so we took his little car for a trip out.
On Wednesday I went to Tirau, but before I could even do that I had to take the B car for a warrant and register her.  Thanks very much lets kiss good bye to $110.  Never mind, she passed her warrant and has rego for another 3 months.  Took the A car, my big red wagon to Tirau tho as I was picking up a floor lamp that I had bought off Trade Me.  Thinking it was in Hamilton and a bargin at $15, and then finding out the silly old girl didn't mention that she lived in Tirau.  Just a wee drive out of town but requiring more petrol than was in the tank.  The seller of the lamp lives in the old local Fire Station and it was amazing!!  She wanted me to stay (lonely chatty old girl) but I really didn't have the time so maybe next time I am that way I will call in.  Anyway, the local Tavern is up for sale, maybe me and TOF should become pub owners?  But what about my boots???  These little beauties were originally $380!!!  Like I would part with that amount for one pair of anything.  Scored them for $70 and they are wickedly comfy.  Bring on Winter!!!!!  A friend of mine has already called them my Cougar boots!!
On my drive back home I stopped off at a rest stop on the side of our Mighty Waikato River to take in the sight and take photos.   The river is pretty wide at this part and the water was flowing rapidly.  This river flows through our city and heads up north to supply water to those that live up that way, like Aucklanders.  Anyway, just along from where I took these photos is Lake Karipiro, which is home for Rowing.
At the moment the New Zealand High School Rowing Champs called the Mardi Cup are being held.  With my big zoom on my camera I think I managed to see the beginning of where they race.  Jak has headed out this afternoon and will be going again tomorrow as mates from his old high school are racing.  They have a very good chance of taking out the cup which the school has had many times before.  I even remember going when I was at high school as some of my girlfriends rowed.  This is also where the World Rowing Champs were last year?  Amazing venue and great use of the river/lake.
A lot of farms are along the bank of the river and I spotted this farmer busy doing farmy type stuff.  You can see how brown the paddocks still are up here.  We did get a couple of days rain which has filled tanks and helped my garden, but I don't think it was enough for the farmers.

Well I have bottled more Beetroot, made some Capsicum Jelly and have a bacon and egg pie in the oven.  There is a strong possibility that me and TOF are heading off to Whangamata tonight to catch up with my gorgeous friend Leonie and her hubby.  Oh and also the Beach Hop is on.  Shall take my camera.  Hope you all have survived the week and are getting all ready to embrace the weekend.


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Yes become pub owners, wear the boots and matching animal prints and you could be NZ's very own Bett Lynch :D

Vix said...

Loving those boots!
Gorgeous scenery and fabulous blue skies. I've forgotten what those look like! x