Sunday, 17 March 2013

If you Stew about Bottling things up you will end up in a Pickle

I am still alive!!!  Just been busy faffing about doing stuff so here is a very quick over view of some of the stuff I have been up to.
TOF put the new BBQ together and we have been cooking on her.  This is his moment in the spotlight posing with his beloved new BBQ!!

Our shelves are full of lovely pickles and preserves from produce out of our garden.  And there is still more to come.
I went to an Italian festival in the Hamilton Gardens last weekend.  Fabulous music, delish smelling food being cooked and sold, but it was incredibly hot and very crowded, and I just don't do crowds.  But this bridge was reflecting in the murky water and begged to be photographed!!
Of course there has been shopping of the op shop and new variety.  There is clothing to show off that will happen when I get a-round-to-it!!  Lovely Jak took me shopping and bought me the bits in the RHS photo.  Bit of a role reversal thing was going down, me asking for stuff and him saying, OK put it on the counter!!
Visiting took place and even a couple of job interviews!!  The visiting was far more fun!!  Dawn has been sculpting huge garden art to go in her kiln and her man has been making lovely braziers.
And yesterday there was a 12 hour lunch with a bunch of old friends so today I am in recovery mode.

Will catch you all later in the week, hoping you are all well, happy and enjoying life!!


Helga! said...

That's one hell of a "fuck off" barbie, lovey! No wonder TOF looks so proud! I'd love one of those, so big and flash!
Crowds SUCK, and that bridge is lovely.
Hurrah for brunch, it's the best meal of the week!

Misfits Vintage said...

Lovely lovely lovely! Congrats on the jumbo bbq. The bridge is FRICKIN GORGEOUS and I love the hot pink handbag and all of the lovely shiny things. Please nick that rusty old bike for me - it would look fab in the garden at The Shack.

Thank you!

Sarah xxx