Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Faffing about in Autumn and Op shops

I love Autumn, cool mornings followed by nice sunny days, then back into a cooler evening.  So much easier to sleep at night and there is something about pulling up the duvet and snuggling down in bed that appeals more than kicking off the covers and not getting any valuable Zzzzzzzzzzzzzs!!
On Monday I threw on this lot. A lot of black and a bit of animal which is some what dull but the day was so nice and sunny and bright that I didn't feel the need to layer on the colours.  Work was fun, lots of gorgeous interesting people to mingle with.  My favourite 75 year old came in on her way to Cambridge, and the day hummed along perfectly.
Today I went to check out the new SPCA Op Shop on the T Straight, which is just around the corner from where I live.  I found this gorgeous lime green hand knitted scarf with dangly leaves for $2 and the Wee Willy Winky type candle holder $3, getting ready for winter and power cuts!!  I even signed up to do a stint of volunteering starting tomorrow, I have nothing else to do so thought why not!!  The blue beaded tote bag I scored from the Salvo in town. My local Salvo was pretty tidy and well stocked today and I found this fabularsehole red Tibetan blanket which is brand new and only $10.  I have a few of these and the best price I have found them for was 2 for $50 at Whangamata so pretty dam stoked to find this one. Previously I have bought through Trade me and they weren't cheap but I am in love with how light, soft and warm they are.  The red enamel jug has no lid and was only $1.  Planning on planting some succulents in her tomorrow.
This stunning creature is MY 18 year old god daughter!!  She has just done a pile of modelling at Wellingtons Fashion Week.  Pretty sure she won't mind me sharing one of her pics and bragging about how gorgeous she is, because it is TRUE!!!!

Made another 7 jars of Red Capsicum Jelly today and hoping to make a batch of Dog biscuits for my pooches tomorrow. Googled a recipe, got my ingredients today, have some very cool cookie cutters so look out dogs, prepare to be amazed!!

I can see that this week is going to fly past like the last few so if you don't hear from me for a few days or so I will be busy faffing about in the glorious Autumn weather!!



Vix said...

I love those tibetan blankets, I've been admiring them for years on the markets in India but can't be bothered with carrying them back!
Fab outfit and your God Daughter is stunning! x

Helga said...

YOU are looking hot to TROT,baby!
Love the green scarf especially, and OMG,yes, your God Daughter is truly spectacular!

The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

She's a stunner alright :D Ahh A new SPCA shop, bugger I went and looked for you in the Salvo oops lol