Sunday, 7 April 2013

Daylight savings has left with Summer and gone North.

Confession:  I did not clean the house I went out.  TOF decided on Saturday morning that he would whip the old vac round the essential rooms and I cleaned the bog.  Enough for the pending visit we figured, and then I went out, shops and visiting and then a rugby game. 
Remember my bulbs that I planted last weekend, well the Freesias have decided to pop up amongst the pumice.  Pretty exciting stuff really.  Ok maybe not for you, but for me, Woohoo!!

Of course now I keep checking the other pots for signs of growth amongst the pumice stones.

Our boys were supposed to be doing the dinner with the Irish with us but Max was stuck in Taranaki working and not happy at all, and Jak blew us all off for a mates 18th, as you do when you are that age.  Me and TOF parked miles away from the Restaurant and walked, so we had a good old look at the goings on down town Saturday night.  Pretty tame actually at 7:30pm but we knew it would be oh so different on our walk back to the car.

TOF and me!!  We met the Irish at Iguanas and the evening was pleasant.  There were old photos taken from back when they all lived in Ireland, the boat trip out to NZ and some other milestones from the last 50years (none of me as I am obviously not one of the milestones).  The food was enjoyable and the night passed away nicely.  I get on really well with TOFs sister and her husband, both have a good sense of humour so we laughed quite a bit.

Top photo is TOF with his sister and their mother (just turned 79 the day before).

Middle photo is TOFs sister, mother and our brother in law.

Last photo is us of course.

Desert was interesting.  TOF had some Lemon Meringue pie which I can guarantee wouldn't be any where as nice as what he can make.  I had a cuppa with some baby eclairs.  Pauline had these doughnuts that came with syringes with different toppings in, like fruit, chocolate, and custard. Loads of fun!!
We left the Restaurant and wandered down town, with a stop off to see Rif Raf.  We ended up in the Casino where the brother in law had a wee play on one of the tables and walked out with a nice bundle of notes.  We left the Irish as they were staying the night in a hotel in the main street.  As we walked back to our car we sighted our Jak.  So I did what only a mother can do, ran over and wrapped my arms around him IN PUBLIC!!!  He was actually stoked to see us as he needed a ride home!
This morning I awoke to a familiar sound, no not wind, but balloons of the hot air variety.  Every year they are in HamilTron for a few days.  But the weather has been decidedly shite so none had come our way, until this morning.  Up changing the time on clocks and watches (due to Day Light Saving leaving us overnight, and taking Summer with him), I grabbed my camera and flew out the door.  Only normal balloons were flying over, no novelty ones, but hey, they still are amazing things and I wish I had the balls to go for a ride in one.

After lunch TOF and I went for a drive to a friends life style block to pick up some fish he had caught yesterday up the Coromandel.  So fresh fish for our dinner tonight thank you very much.  He has lots of lovely friendly sheep and I didn't have the heart to say to the ones in the photo on the right that one of them will be in our freezer soon.
This is my favourite bridge in Hamilton, we have 5 that cross the mighty Waikato River in town but this is my all time fav.  I love the arches and many a crazy teen has ridden their bike or walked them  in the small hours of the morning when filled up on dutch courage.  I also love the HUGE house that is being built, well it has been being built for a couple of years so far because it is so huge.  Rumour has it that Kevin Mc Cloud from Grand Designs has been filming the build.  My eldest sister knows the people building it so I want to sneak in a visit when she goes to see them.  It makes my relatives house next to it look like the guest house now!!

So Daylight Savings ended last night and shot through in the wee hours of the morning taking Ms Summer with him.  Plans are to head North for 6 months and then return and hopefully together.  Couple of years back Daylight Savings left Summer behind so we didn't have such a good time.  But this year they obviously held hands firmly and didn't stray. True love ♥



Vix said...

You have been busy. What a good looking lady your Mum-In-Law is! I met Kevin McCloud and he's even lovelier in real life! xxx

Helga! said...

I'm SO disgusted that you didn't clean the house I nearly didn't keep reading..............!!! Jaysus, I hardly ever clean the house. In fact, almost never. Poor G, he didn't get it on with me for my domestic abilities, I can tell you!
Well, this looks like a fun night, right down to the dubious looking SYRINGE!!! Great pic of you and TOF, you need to frame that one, darl!!!
I had the best, longest sleep I've had in AGES last night! XXX

Misfits Vintage said...

Cleaning is so BORING - go have All The Fun instead!!

Sarah xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I can't clean either, my vacuum cleaner is sick!! There's dog shrapnel everywhere!