Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Lunch date that went to the dogs

Not really, but two beautiful dogs were at lunch today!!  Met Ms Webber round the middle part of the day in the pouring rain and the sideways wind, and we managed to have a peak at a few op shops.  Well it has been a couple of weeks or so!!!  Then we went to Liz's for lunch.  Very nice lunch it was too.  Liz has the most beautiful home and two bloody gorgeous dogs.  See for yourself.

This is the very handsome Jack, typical loving Lab who I could so easily have packed into my car and brought home.
Sue and Jack getting it on.  Oh and then there is wee Buddy the foxy.

*That's it, Wednesday is done, time for a cuppa and catch up with TOF!!

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Vix said...

Sue and the dogs are all total stunners! xxx