Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Museum was, well it was just WOW!

On Thursday I met my friend Dawn and her daughter and grand daughter at the Waikato Museum which is smack bang in the middle of town backing on to the Waikato River.  I scored a good park and decided to go for a wander with my camera before I met up with the girlies.
Next to the Museum is The Arts Post and Gallery which we had a peek in after the Museum visit.  I love the way they have painted the entrance way to this lovely old building.
Across the road is and old bank that is now a pub and also called The Bank.  In fact this end of town is basically all restaurants and bars, great selection and very convenient being all in the same spot if you want to do a spot of bar hopping.

Walking south down the main drag you walk past the Cathedral, old in our Cities eyes but just a nipper compared to ancient buildings around the world. But still a lovely old church residing on the top of a hill soaking up the Autumn sunshine that was on offer.
Across the road from this is the old Municipal pools that even I swam at when very young doing my swimming lessons and stuff with the swim club of the time.

Then just before the bridge you are met by this old arch way covered in growth that leads down steps and a pathway to the old band rotunda and then on to the Waikato River.  This is a beautiful spot, quite peaceful considering it is in a busy part of Hamilton with a bridge carrying cars, buses and other transport to the other side of town.  I remember going to an annual art festival that was held in this very spot, it was brilliant.  I love the big old trees that have witnessed a lot of canoodling and carry on over the years.
The City Council Gardeners have been busy putting leaf mulch around the base of the trees and the park was looking rather spectacular. Across the road from this there is a venue that many a wedding, 21st or work do has been held.  Also it is the home to a couple of the Cities rowing clubs.
From there I proceeded with walking back up the hill past a huge building that is in the throws of being constructed, with loads of hard hat wearing workmen and a bloody great crane.

The length of the river through the city provides many a walk way and places to sit and ponder life or read a good book.  As a young person my friends and I would ride our bikes along these pathways.  As a mum I walked my boys through the parks, had picnics and fed the resident ducks.  We are so lucky to have such beauty in the middle of our City.

Back up the hill and the reason for this outing.  WOW or World of Wearable art had a small exhibition happening.  I had to wait a wee while outside in the sun in the court yard for Dawn to arrive and then we were off.  If you are not familiar with WOW it is amazing and you can always google it.  From its humble beginnings 25 years ago it has now grown into a huge event held in Wellington once a year attracting world wide entrants.  I am going to this next year with my friend Leonie so for me this was an entrĂ©e!!  No cameras are allowed inside so I have borrowed some photos from the WOW website so you can see the sort of thing that is on offer.
You are not allowed to touch anything either but it is hard not to, and we did.  The outfits are made out of everything imaginable and not. The people that enter this competition are just so talented and creative, trust me it is AMAZING!!!
So now I cannot wait for next year to see the entire show and just sit back in awe of such fabulousness!!
After the Museum visit Dawn and I went next door to the Arts Post Gallery for a look, and next week she is taking some of her pottery to go on sale.

Remember to have a look at the WOW website.
Oh or PS, I got myself a laptop today thanks to my 12 months interest free GEM card, so having fun learning my way around it.
* Bye for now *


OP SHOP MAMA said...

That's funny I was just standing by that archway looking down to the rotunda this afternoon and thinking what a lovely spot it was! I was waiting for my kids to come up the hill as I sent them for a run down it!
We went on a protest march that started there so we walked back to our car..
I'm planning to go to WOW next year too - hope it comes to fruition (my plan!)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh there's no way I could help myself from touching the goods too!! I love the little tour you gave us before Dawn arrived, that red entrance is so impressive:). I wonder if they had an outfit made of ping-pong balls - hahaaaaaa!!! xoxo

Vix said...

That archway is gorgeous and the Wow exhibition definitely lives up to it's name! xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Wow indeed! I must go see that bandstand :D

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh what lovely splendid fun! The ivy covered archway is BEGGING for some OUTFIT PHOTOSHOOTS!!!

Sarah xxx

Charlotte Adele said...

What fabulous architecture! A lovely place to live!

Charlotte Adele