Friday, 31 May 2013

Friday brought the animal out in me

If you read my blog then you will remember me buying these boots!!
Finally it is cold enough here to drag out the winter woolies, or in my case just layer it all up.  And of course it is boots weather.  I just about died when I found these boots, on SALE and in my size, so it was a sign after all to have them!!  So do I wear them with just all black, or do I add more animal or do I just mix it all up?
More animal and layer it up was my choice for today but I am leaning towards throwing lots of colour in next time, maybe when I am working at the shop. These boots deserve to be teamed with screaming colour and maybe flowers!!

...when donning your animal print you have to hang out in your garden!!
...and have a sneaky snigger about the old man that asked if I had killed a leopard for my boots. I told him, well actually yes and we had it for our dinner last night!!

Have a fabulous weekend, for us it is a long one, god bless the Queen for having a birthday!!!


2 Tramps said...

Love the boots - and leopard dinner - too funny! Around here people have been known to eat cougar, though.

You are bringing out your woolies just as we are putting ours away!!

Vix said...

Those boots are gorgeous and yes to lots of colour, accessories and prints to wear with them.
We don't celebrate the Queen's birthday here, shame. I'd love another Bank Holiday weekend. xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

LOVE those boots. We do Lizzie's birthday THIS coming Monday. Thanks Liz - I'm heading to the shack for a few days of faffing about.

Sarah xxx