Sunday, 2 June 2013

My little slice of paradise

TOF headed off to Whangamata early this morning to go fishing, or Hunting for the family as he likes to call it. (he has returned with dinner for a few nights)  Finding myself home alone and quite content to be so I decided to head out doors and do a spot of gardening. With only jandals on my feet and short sleeves I moved buxus and planted Camellias, and got totally side tracked with my camera. Quite a mild day for Winter and a fabulous way to while away the day!!
Garden Art with a lone Bird of Paradise.

Some of Garden friends that hang out with me.

A string of shells from Whangamata, and a group of Hyacinth getting ready to perform.

The girls having a fine old time in TOFs vege plot.

Pots, bird baths, chairs, chiminea, trees and my scarecrow.

My dad made this tiny bird house years ago, he called it the ladybird house.

Hyper-tuffa, pumice and foliage.

Pig full of Hyacinths.

Promise of colour and fruit to come.

Flaxes, jandal solar lights in the shells, scarecrows with toadstools.

Shapes and sculpture blending with nature.

My garden and how it changes with the seasons and time provides me with hours of pleasure.  I enjoy the peace and tranquility that I find when armed with my gardening gloves and a trowel, and of course my trusty camera.


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Cool pics! You're garden is coming along a treat, like the new look background too :D

Vix said...

You put us to shame. Our garden is an utter wilderness! xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Lovely garden - come over and do some magic in my barren little thistle patch!?

Sarah xxx