Friday, 17 May 2013

Friday round up

The bird life in my back garden is thriving.  They hang out with my chickens and help themselves to the girls food.  Little fatties are the sparrows in my garden.  I have a couple of black birds that build a nest every year, this time they have chosen to build way up high in my Idesia tree.

The plants in the garden are hanging in there.  We have about 6 or so good sized cabbages doing their thing in TOFs vege plot and that is about it. Hopefully he will plant out some more winter veg.  I have silver beet and beetroot on the go in one of my box gardens. I love cobwebs in the morning dew.

I have zillions of these  Chinese Anenomies growing, they reproduce faster than a family of mice!  My Dianthus are continuing to flower. Now my spelling of flowers is more than likely well off but you should get a rough idea what plants I am talking about.

My Hydrangea is going through its change of colour, I adore all the different colours changes it does.  And my Zinnias just keep on keeping on!!!

Even my goldfish have been bobbing about in the pond.  Of late I have been getting nice pots for the garden, most I have found at our dump shop for either $2 or $4. Why would I spend big bucks at the garden centre right next door to the dump when these are on offer.

All the flax and cabbage trees I scored have been potted up or passed on to others.  At the moment I have them lined up along one of my barked areas, so they form a little wall.  I can move them about if I want or plant them if I like the walled garden.  I quite like the idea of secret gardens out the back so with the rain we are getting at the moment it may well encourage growth!!   By next summer it should all be looking lush and fabulous out the back.

Sheba hangs out in the back yard.
Oscar is so cool in his sunnies that he hangs out inside!!!
As for Tex, he owns the front of our property.

Today I headed out in the rain wearing some colourful tights and boots as a sign of respect for those colourful tights and boots wearers currently doing Helgastock 2013.  Found the canvas folding deck chair and the retro scooter , both only $8 each.  I remember scooting about on these scooters as a kid.  The metal plant stand I got off trade me for $10 and will be perfect with pots of colour on it.  The colourful chairs also came to me via trade me, there is another green one, it was four for $15.  They looked wicked in the dullness of today in the rain.
This selection of tops I picked up today while out op shopping.
The bags I got for $3 each, the china brooch was $10 nice English china and old.  And the little made in England wall tiles were only $1 each.

TOF has given our gas heater a clean and it is currently cranked up with Tex and Sheba hogging the warmth.  Our weather forecast for the weekend is for RAIN RAIN RAIN, so it will be an indoor one for us I would say.  Plan is to hunker down, and generally cruse. 

Enjoy your weekend everybody!!!


OP SHOP MAMA said...

Scores!!! Loving that floral bag, the brooch and the orange scooter!!

Zinnias and hydrangeas are my fav.

Vix said...

What gorgeous photos, you really have a great photographer's eye. Love your outfit too, bet you cheered up everyone on a wet day. xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

YAY! You were with us in spirit Sue! LOVE all the colour - especially the fab chairs and your gorgeous outfit.

Sarah xxx