Thursday, 16 May 2013

Just call her Frida from the Tron!

My dear friend Louise popped in for a visit on Mothers Day after her daughterly duties had been attended to.  She had the most amazing gift for me, all made with the love and tender and skills that this uber talented friend of mine possesses!! Louise has for as long as I can remember crafted the most beautiful things out of vintage fabrics and wool.  She always wraps her gifts in paper and uses beautiful fabric to tie them.   Note this has been re-wrapped just for show and tell.  It was beautifully presented to me and not so well re-wrapped but I was in a rush, no excuse but I am using it.

Once my parcel was opened my very own Frida doll was staring up at me with a look on her face of, "I'm Home, I am Frida from the Tron!!" Like Jenny from the block but cazillions better!!  Seriously, how farkin gorgeous is this Frida Doll.?  All designed and handcrafted by my dear Lou-lou-belle. Big Kisses to her!!  Last year for my big number birthday she hand knitted me a pair of fabuloustick socks!!  And I was gifted a hippy mouse last year also which both got mentioned in blogs.  Talk about feel the love!!

All the clothes are removable so I can play dolls again!! Frida has the most divine hand knitted cardy, sweet top and hand embroidered skirt, with petticoat and bloomers secretly tucked under neath. And let not forget the bag, even lined in vintage floral!!!

Isn't she just beautiful???
I have this little bench seat that Frida has now taken possession of.  Great place to rest her bag and shawl while she leans into the giant Gerberas.  Pity someone hadn't dusted before Frida's photo shoot.  Ooooops!! If you would like to take a sneaky look at Louise's Blog you will find it here.  You may well be able to order your own Frida as I think more are being made to be sold. There is talk of a Diego doll, how cool would that be!!

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Vix said...

Man, that is incredible. I love her! x