Thursday, 9 May 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

Today I turned 51!!!  Funny thing is I don't feel that old and I certainly don't act it.  I had a lovely day cruising round the supermarket with my youngest son (who has been laid of from his job due to a lack of work, this is a whole other story), then going to my new job (and remembering everything I had been shown), and lastly out for dinner with my boys.
TOF got me the dress I am wearing over the top of another one.  Totally love it.  My lads gave me a box set of Red Door Perfume with body wash and body lotion.  I smell great!!  My sister that lives at the beach sent my an awesome parcel of bits, the felt brooch in the bottom pic, a wicked bracelet and a gorgeous purple embroidered fabric Indian wall hanging thing for letters.  I got cards, emails, texts and lots of lovely greetings on my face book page.  I feel down right popular and loved.
Me and all my boys at our local pub.  We had the Thursday special which is steak, eggs and chips with a handle of beer all for 13 huck as my youngest would say.  The blokes played pool and I had a dabble on the pokies, few drinks later and we headed on home.  I quite like birthdays!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Thursday special?? Is that OAP night! **snort**! Just joking....yer looking mighty slim there matey :D Glad you had a good day :D

Vix said...

Happy Birthday, Gorgeous! xxx

Kay said...

Happy Birthday Sue. love the flower!