Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Flax and fabulous shoes

Yesterday I picked up this boot load of flaxes, over 30 of them, and all for a bargin price of $30, courtesy of trade me!!  Some will end up in pots so I can move them about and some will end up being planted out.  The rest are destined for a friends garden and some will be planted at my sons flat.  The auction I won was raising funds for the Forest and Bird society, what a great way to raise money.  I got them all out of my car to sort them and was joined by my cat Tex who was keen to be part of what was going on.
Today was a lovely Autumn day and a great day to put on the layers in colours, and wear my new to me Jelly shoes!!
Glitter Jelly shoes to be exact!!  My boss at my Monday job gave them to me as an early birthday present.  I had put them aside to buy them but she had other ideas.  So comfy and so pretty!!
My fur children.
I spent the afternoon at my friend Dawns place.  She scored this old caravan that she is going to do up one day.  There were thoughts of making it into a chicken house, or maybe even let it be an outside room when it has been pimped.  We both think it should have stripes and spots similar to her clay caravans that she makes.  The huge clay dude in her garden a mate made and she is looking after it for him.  He is the guardian of the caravan while he is there, and he is doing a super job so far, isn't he a beaut.
Before I say goodnight to you all I thought I would share how gorgeous the Koru garden is looking.  I am amazed how the succulents have survived as many of them have been stood on.  I am pretty stoked with how it is looking.

PS: first day at my new job yesterday was really good, super friendly laid back bunch of people, I think i am going to fit in rather well.  Back tomorrow for day two, just hoping I have retained what I learned.  Basically I am working with systems I haven't worked with for a few years so it's like riding a bike, you never really forget,  it will all come back to me in good time.  And two afternoons a week is just a doddle!



Vix said...

I'm glad the new job's going well. Those shoes are fab - what a nice boss - and I love flax, what a bargain! Dawn's garden is stunning, I want an old caravan as a pop-up shop! x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Good score on the flaxes! Did they have any more? Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOU! xxx

Baroque In Babylon said...

I love your shoes and beautiful garden.