Saturday, 4 May 2013

Planning another garden and got me a job.

Last weekend me and TOF went for a drive to Matangi a quick drive out of Hamilton into the country.  I had won an auction on trade me for some retaining blocks, 50+ to be exact for $20.  We borrowed a mates trailer and headed off.
At the gate to the place we were picking up the blocks was this huge fella.  Love to have him chilling out in my back yard!!  We loaded the trailer twice and ended up leaving the big blocks behind.  It was an afternoon of loading and unloading but it is going to be great building walls in the garden out the back!

A selfie with my stash of blocks!!

This should keep me busy out the back for ages, just need to move them out there  now!!

Spotted this very cool Dinosaur skeleton letterbox.  The letter part was in its mouth.  Then there was this cute little Church that would make the perfect little home for me and TOF, with all our pets.  The unfortunate thing is it is still in use. One day I will find one that is begging to be lived in. This weekend I am off to  pick up another win of TM, bulk lot of bulbs!!  Dafs, Hyacinths, and Jonquils. They are going to be randomly planted out the back in all my little gardens.  Have another area of lawn that is going to be barked.  I pruned a branch of my big old Idesia tree to make the edging like I have on the other side of the lawn. I am going to be a busy bee!!  Oh and I have gone and got me a job.  2 afternoons a week so only 6 hours in total in the office of a sign writing place, doing the accounts.  Pretty stoked because I can still keep my Monday gig, play amongst the op shops, visit my friends and pretend to be a housewife!!

*Have a fabulous weekend*

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Vix said...

Well done on the job! The garden sounds fantastic, I don't know where you get your energy! xxx