Sunday, 5 May 2013

Rodent Control Officer

My eldest son has been telling me how they keep catching mice in the flat (brand new 5 bedroom house actually) he is in.  This time of the year those little buggers want to live in doors.  So today his girlfriend and I went and got a cat!!
I found this gorgeous Red head who was in need of a new home all for free on trade me.  Flicked a quick text expressing interest and next thing we were off with my cat carry cage.  He is about 2 - 3, just been de-knackered, micro chipped, de-fleaed, immunised and all ready to embark on his new career as the Rodent Control Officer. He was called Ginger Nut, but now nutless and nameless, with a number of new names floating about and yet to be voted on.
What ever he ends up being called he will get plenty of love and attention.  I bought him some food, toys, and a indoor potty.  Hopefully he will catch the odd rodent!

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Vix said...

What a beautiful boy, I want him. xxx