Friday, 14 June 2013

Frolocking good Friday!!

My plan for today was to visit my potter friend Dawn and make a slight detour to the dump shop on my way.  I did both of these and had a jolly good time thanks very much.  At the dump I found an old rusty wheelbarrow which I mass planted up when I finally got home this afternoon.
I had a bag of soil in my shed so emptied the entire contents into the wheelbarrow and then took plants from around my garden and a handful of daffodil bulbs to put in it.  There is a miniature toe toe plant (pronounced toy toy) in the middle, some ivy, nasturtiums, violas, and any seedling I could find.  Should look fabulous when it has grown up!!
As always there was an assortment of newly fired things that had just come out of the kiln at Dawns.  This is a selection of my favourites.  I had a play with some clay making pinch pots with an eye inside on the bottom.  So relaxing and so much fun!!
My pets all gave me a laugh today.  Tex decided he would sleep in the old kids car seat in the garage for the day, cannot have been that comfy as he was just a little to wide for it!!  Oscar got all caught up in a back pack due to him being far to nosy for his own good!!  And Sheba was just stoked to have a new old ball to play with!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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AAAAWWWW cute pet pictures!!!