Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Solar lights and rain, plenty of rain...

Last night I was trying to get a picture of how cool the solar lights in the Koru garden look, but my flash kept flashing so you don't get to see what I saw!!  Trust me, it looks really magical, soft shards of light emitting across the plants like mini lighthouses!!  I wouldn't mind living in a lighthouse.  There is one for sale at Tasman, top of the south island, wonder if TOF would move??  He is away with work this week so it is just me and my youngest at home.  He took me out for dinner last night, Pita Pit!!  Sweet working boy.  We woke up today to RAIN!!!!  Rain, rain, and more glorious rain!!!
This afternoon in amongst all the rain we even had HAIL!!  With a good solid dose of THUNDER and LIGHTENING!!  I love a good storm I do, and I was intrigued with the pattern the rain was making on the puddles ever growing on the ground out the front.
I enjoyed getting the son to check the letter box in the rain when he arrived home!!! Bless!!  We had my oldest son and his girlfriend around for dinner tonight, I made a bacon and egg pie with lashings of mushrooms, silver beet, tomatoes and cheese in it!!  Yummmmmmm!!!!  Followed with a good old Sarah Lee Apple Crumble with French Vanilla Ice Cream, double Yummmmmmmmm!!!

All the furry children are now camped out in various spots in front of the heater, finally able to relax because all have gone out except me, the quiet one!!  I am sometimes.

Today for work I threw on a gorgeous green poncho over a purple and grey tunic with black leggings and top, with my fabulous purple shoes!  I added some colourful jewellery made my myself.  Rather like the purple and green colour combination!
So now I am chilling in the lounge on the laptop with my wee buddy perched between my feet.  Just been watching a program on Penguins, so funny when they all started to hop rather than waddle!!  I want one!!



OP SHOP MAMA said...

Yip it rained!!! I love a good storm too. We get a great view of storms over across the school - I spose you do too? Those hailstones were quite large! Love the green and purple too. x

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy guacamole you guys have been getting some mad weather lately!

Love your purple and green combo - and LOVE your handmade jewellery the MOST!

Sarah xxx