Friday, 28 June 2013

TGF, it's cold but the sun is trying to shine

It's been a while crocodile!!  This week disappeared on me in a flash, I  worked, I  op shopped, I caved in to illness, and I had a small play date with the other Sue!!  I am happy to say that I am over what ever bug was trying to bug me and back on deck and in good form!
Today I layered up as there has been a cool wind hanging about, and it has been decidedly grey and rather glum this week. But the sun gave it her very best shot at shining so it was time to get outside and show off my instant buxus hedge to you all!!  Remember I scored three big buxus plants at the dump for $10, well they have been in the earth for a couple of weeks now so last weekend they got clipped!! I kept waiting for Sheba to treat the new instant mini hedge as a hurdle and jump over it , but she behaved and still goes around. If I was her I would have given it a crack and jumped!
I thought I should also show you the Magnolia tree I scored for $5 off trade me a wee while ago, the lady had originally paid $70, fool!!!  I have been watching a lot of gardening programs, and a new series with the delightful Hugh Fernly do it all.  I have also been taking a peek at Pinterest, slightly addictive.  So with all this new stuff fighting for a spot in my head I was inspired to make cloches out of drink bottles for my winter lettuces.
I found the old gate at the dump shop the other day and I have plans for that out the back in the garden but you will have to wait for that one.  My wheelbarrow is doing grand, all the daffs are standing tall, just waiting for them to bud up and flower. Go you good things GO!  With the sorting of my spare room being a work in progress I am in need of storage containers, so I was pretty tickled when I found this gorgeous big cake tin.  It has one of those three dimensional sort of lids and the kids on it are all very cute.
The bag is one of those cross over your body types which gives you the both hands free option when out shopping, and the colour is even better than the photo, a real chartreuse green with leather trim.  How  could I leave behind a book on Mothers wit, as a mother I can always do with some more wit!! It is what mothers get by on! As for the gnome pots, well there is a bit of a story.  But the short version is I found the one on the left and thought it would be great for wet teaspoons on the bench, then I spotted the other one.  So now they may end up  with a small succulent planted in each of them.  Not sure, but I like!!

Mmmmmm, look what I found today!!!  The bag is a Miele and lined in orange with white spots, a deal breaker for me along with the fact that it was only $5. I have seen these go for ridiculous amounts on trade me and love the bright colours.  The brand new crocheted cushion cover was only $3, super duper.
In the post today was two parcels for me, things I had got off trade me.  Gorgeous red shoes in one, (confession time, I have them in black already) and the purple necklace in the other.  But the picture to the left is the curtains I found on sale at Spot light today that will be hanging out over the windows in my spare room, thermal backed, nice and colourful, and they have two of my favourite things happening, STRIPES and SPOTS!!!  I was going to continue with the major sort in that room today but when the sun popped out I was drawn outside and towards my car.  What can I say?!   Maybe over the weekend.  Have a good one!!

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Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Gimme the bag biartch!! :D I reckon we could make a couple of those, just have to buy the inner thingies! That buxus looks like it's been there forever and Sheba looks like she's thinking of mischief to make! That cushion cover is pretty cool too :D