Saturday, 22 June 2013

Trying to make the spare room spare again

Well technically it has never been spare, because I planned for it to me my girls only room.  My little haven of girlyness, with my sewing/creative stuff etc.  But it ended up becoming more of a dumping ground for everyone, and it got to a point that getting into it was a challenge.  So on Friday I began the major sort.
But true to form as soon as  I got started with sorting I got side tracked.  The old chest of draws that I had found at Habitat a while back were begging for a light sanding, and my birthday hand sander still hadn't been used.  Of course there was only one thing to do.  With a light  sand and a wipe down these babies were moved into my sewing/creating/reading/girls only/spare room.  So far I have sorted stuff into three of the four draws and feel pretty good.  I have some wax stuff I am going to rub onto the draws but it will have to wait. I don't want to paint them as the wood is so lovely and I like the old beaten look of well loved draws.  I spent most of the day sorting through things and deciding on what was to be kept and what was going to be put aside to be taken out to Habitat.  Needless to say there is a pile of goodies in the back of my car to be delivered on Monday.  I was going to continue with my sorting today but with TOF home and the day being a nice one we both ended up outside in the garden.  But I did manage to sort some stuff yesterday into some cane baskets that I had stashed that I knew would come in handy one day, and Friday was that day!!
You may recall the gorgeous little wooden breakfast tray I found in one of my days out.  Well it is perfect on top of the draws with my CD/radio sitting on it and my small basket of trimmings fits underneath.  The bigger basket is going to be the new home for my patterns.  I put loads aside to get rid of, things I will never make again and in ridiculous pre baby sizes which I shall never get to again.  On top of the draws I have folded a huge fringed scarf.  I still have a big task ahead of me to finish this sort out but now planning on doing it through the week on a day when everyone is out of the house.  I need to do this when I am home alone and don't get interrupted.  I have enough trouble keeping myself on track and focused without having anyone else here to side track me.
Today in the garden we had the company of fantails and sparrows flitting about in the trees that have nearly lost all their leaves.  TOF racked and racked up the leaves that had fallen and spread them out in the chickens enclosure.  The girls were mighty pleased with something new to scratch about in and plenty of tasty bugs were there for the picking.  I pruned some plants and then mowed the lawn, and in the day light this time!!  It was a glorious winter day with a blue sky and sunshine but a nippy breeze that reminded me it truly is Winter.  TOF and I are now tucked up inside with the heater on, a Chinese takeaway on order and plans to watch the rugby.  Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Go the All Blacks!!


OP SHOP MAMA said...

Beautiful day eh!!!
Loved it.
STory of my life, trying to sort shit out!!! I know the feeling of trying to get some uninterrupted time... But hard to find!!

Helga! said...

I get so daunted when I have to have a sort out,I get all overwhelmed and just can't face it!!! It's a bloody shame that our havens often end up as dumping grounds; my room used to always be the visitors room, which pissed me off no end! Both mine and the band room cop a bit of dumping still, but not toooo bad.
Those drawers are so beautifully organised! I could weep! Great idea to use the pretty picnic basket for patterns! Ugh, I need to sort all of mine, I have heaps that I've collected for just the picture...!!!

Vix said...

I love having a sort out! I spent all day yesterday doing it and was in my element, Jon's the hoarder in this house! x

Misfits Vintage said...

I also love having a big cull and sort - and I LOVE living alone and not having to sort anybody else's shit!!!

Show us more pics!

Sarah xxx

Misfits Vintage said...
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