Saturday, 27 July 2013

Hey hey hey it's Saturday!!!

Just got back from catching up with two of my favourite friends, last time we got together for lunch it took 12 hours.  So 3 hours for morning tea isn't too bad.

Denise (in the middle and wearing high heels because she is actually as short as me) and Vicki (on the end who is always the hostess with the mostess) I have known since our youngest were all at the same Kindergarten.  We along with a few  other good sorts were on the committee and believe me we had an enormous amount of fun, and yes we raised a lot of funds for the kindy while enjoying the good company of each other.  These two are still only in there 40's just girls really!!  We always have a fine old time when we get together, loads of laughing, plenty of story telling, the odd tears,  a bit of mischief and we have been known to consume a bit of alcohol over the years.  Next time we get together we are thinking of an all nighter,  well Denise is from out of town so it would be rude not to stay over!!

Last night as I was about to head off to bed I found Sheba in a rather comfortable position on out couch, with that look of "if I lay really still she won't see me" on her face.   Talk about luxury sleeping, and yes you can stay there!!

And I keep forgetting to show off my new to me boots.  Pretty dam awesome don't you think?? So soft and comfy to wear, and not your average pair of red boots, Hispanitas, a Spanish brand.

Call me fast, but I remembered we have a Manderin tree out the front of our property.  Well down the side of the house really, and it has never done a lot, so I was quite surprised to discover that the bugger has actually produced fruit this year!!  Not the biggest Manderins in the world but Manderins all the same, free  and plenty of them.  Maybe that is the key to success, neglect!!  It works for me!!  So it is Saturday, hey hey hey, and a beautiful one at that.  Sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I should really be hanging out my washing.  So toodles for now, and with a bit of luck and good camera skills I will have a show and tell of tonights party in town.

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