Sunday, 28 July 2013

Party in town

Last night we went to town and celebrated one of my extra children turning 21.  He actually turned this age a month ago while in Oz visiting his mother, and the one whos bedroom I filled with balloons while he was away.  So last night his dad and step mum hired the VIP room at Diggers, a local bar smack bang in the party zone in town. It was an entertaining night with a bunch of young people having a grand old time with an inflatable girlfriend.
The blow up girl greeted everyone at the door and was used and abused the entire night.  Instead of a key to sign everyone left a message on Porky Pauline as she has been named.  I added some vital information to 40 Urgent stickers for the birthday boy to hand out to unsuspecting females, not sure what his strike rate was like and how successful it turned out.
TOF and I were the only grown ups there with the birthday boys dad and step mum whom we just happen to get on with.  Thankfully there was a big screen so we could watch our team the CHIEFS win the semi final and now will be playing next week to take out the competition, Rugby that is!!
Me and TOF had our eldest son and girlfriend hanging with us for a while.  Our eldest is 21 next year in March so this could be a prospective venue to have a wee do for him.  It was upstairs with an outside balcony which was a great place to retreat to when my furnace would over heat. Pauline the doll got thrown off the balcony to the bar next door where she had photos taken with peeps in there then they threw her back up to us.  At the end of the night I was given the task of getting her home safely as they were all heading to the clubs. TOF wouldn't walk with me so me and Pauline found our own way back to the car getting stopped all the time with people wanting to meet the popular Pauline.
It was nice to get home to my slippers and a hot cuppa. Call me Nana if you like but my staying out late days are few and far between.

I wore my Trelise Cooper frock with a long sleeve top and leggings underneath.  Very comfy and pretty.  Topped off with pearls, and straightened hair!!  

Found Pauline still in the back of the car this morning and she was feeling a bit flat.  She has since been returned to her owner and now I am just waiting for one of the lads to pick up his car and gear from our place.  Have spent the afternoon in the garden shredding branches and spreading them in the chicken house.  Youngest son wants to take me and TOF out for dinner tonight.  Who are we to argue!


Helga said...

You look gorgeous, darl!
I do love a good, boozy 21st. That poor blow up dolly, having her innocence shattered like that! Bahahaha!

Vix said...

You're looking fabulous. Glad to see 21st birthday parties are just as insane the other side of the world! x