Friday, 12 July 2013

Pigs, Pots, and Spots all on a Friday!!

While en route to my Pottery friends place I took a detour and called in at the Dumporium (dump shop).  I found a BIG PIG piggy bank that fits in with the two I already have.  The Piggy in the middle is mine and I was given it when I was just a young girl, so this has to make the other two rather ancient!!!
I also found two Tony Sly pottery mugs.  Tony Sly is a well known potter that has his Gallery on the Wharf at Raglan.  Very nice stuff he does but out of my price range so getting mugs for $1 each is excellent.  I scored one of his bowls at the dump shop for $4 about a month ago, real bargin.  Stopped off at a little church op shop but not a thing came out of the shop with me.  Next stop was Dawns.
These are the things I had made the last time I visited and they were all ready and waiting for me.  The Russian dolls were made by using a soap mold and  I just had to paint some glaze on.  The small dinghy was a bit of a cock up as I made it too short so it is now going to be a "life boat for my rings" in the kitchen for when I am baking etc.  The pinch pot is one of two I made, the other hasn't been fired yet, and can be used for numerous things I guess.  This one has my ventolin inhaler sitting in it next to my bed.

Dawns sweet little grand daughter arrived and decided she needed to do some painting.  I came home with one of her many master pieces that she pumped out in a short space of time.  It is firmly placed on my fridge.  I remember when my boys were small and used to have painting marathons that would be gifted to everyone!!

When I got back into town I went to Bricoes (home ware shop) that was having one of it's many 30-70% off sales.  My eldest sister had phoned and told me that the spotty things I like were actually 70% off. Oh and Yes they were!!  I got this stash of spotty delights for $54 instead of it all being $182, now I would say that is dam good shopping!!!   So I got the huge round platter, four cups and saucers sets, four soup bowls, four small dipping bowls, four plates, and one small jug.  It would seem my obsession with spotty things was feed today!!  Then I found the fabulous gardening caddy.  TOF always nicks off with my gardening tools and leaves them strewn through his man only vege garden.  Now I have my own set of fabulousness he can keep all the ones he has been collecting.  This was half price!!

The weekend is here so go forth and enjoy it!!

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