Thursday, 11 July 2013

Killed the MOFO cold I did!

Part one on how to kill the mofo cold took place last night with a lovely hot lemon, honey and double disprin drink, and I felt so close to tickety boo this morning it was scary!!  Then part two on how to kill the mofo cold came in the form of soup tonight that I made, pumpkin, kumara, onion, spud, garlic, ginger, celery, cracked pepper and a shake of salt.  It was delicious to say the least, hot and spicy and went down well with some scone toast. So take that COLD, you are GONE BURGER!!!
Apart from slaying my cold I swanned off to work this morning all comfy and cosy in lots of layers.  My mother knitted the shoulder poncho for me a few years back, perfect for keeping my chesty chest snug. Floral tights, woolen skirt, green merino, tunic, poncho and then topped off with a floral corduroy jacket and my purple boots!!
I put in just under two hours at work so I had another record breaking trip around the supermarket, all this before 12:30pm!!  
I forgot to share what I found at the op shops yesterday, so you get to see them with the few purchases that happened today, no not the groceries!
I found a bunch of crocheted flowers on a chain stitch vine with leaves for $2 at Mahana Road recycle shop which added some more colour to today's outfit by way of a scarf/necklace. 
This is the gorgeous beast lying flat so you can feast your eyes on it!! Apart from things from op shops I have had a couple of purchases off good old trade me. Then today while out purchasing a hair straightener for myself I went into a couple of cheap shops, not $ shops, but cheap.  Clearance Shed and Sunnies were their names.

Russian Doll nail files $2, bright coloured flower beads $2, and undies for TOF $5 each, with Hippos I think on them.


Hare skin came off trade me, so nice on my leather chair in the lounge for my head to rest on.  I have a bid on a couple of possum skins at the moment that I hopefully will get. The dark navy blue with lavender spot gum boots with heels are super cute, and great for winter.  The spotty ballet shoes came in the bag on the left, both from trade me.  As for my little concrete chicken, $3 from Habitat.  There was Gnomes and other animals for sale but the chicken got the nod from me.

Today I got a parcel from my friend Lou-lou-belle, and I was quite excited because she is such a clever lady with her needle and thread.  She had sent a set of new clothes for my Frida Doll that she made me which I posted about a while back.

With new clothes at the ready Frida embarked on a strip.  First she shed her skirt to reveal her gorgeous lace petticoat. Next was her beautifully hand knitted cardigan, then she dropped her lace slip, down to her bloomers and top.  Off they went to the soft sound of "you can leave your hat on" by Joe Cocker and she was starkers!!  Well not quite, she still had her floral head piece on as she has no hat.  Saucy minx!!  So now my dear Frida Doll is wearing her striped boat neck top and her braid and fringed pants. GORGEOUSNESS 100%!!!
***Good night***

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