Thursday, 25 July 2013

Trifecta of brooches and another gorgeous dress

Yesterday the Webber Woman came in to town so we got together for the afternoon.  Getting my outfit for the day sorted I couldn't decide which brooch I would wear.  I have a few but not as many as some of you lovely blogger gals.  Dilemma, I think not, I wore three of them, in fact these three.  Instead of necklaces I went for what has been called by Helga as a scrummage of brooches.  I forgot to take a photo of me all gussied up but I did get a closeup of the scrummage!!
The scrummage was worn in a line going down the front of a very long top that I ended up tying knots in to make shorter.  Worn over black and white spotted top, floral leggings, and purple tunic dress.
This lovely silk blend jacket I found and fell deeply in love with. It looks much better on. There were a few temptations on offer but I showed fabulous restraint which for me is sometimes difficult.

Now this gorgeous dress was waiting for me behind the counter in one of the op shops we visited.  If you are a Kiwi you will know of Trelise Cooper, and this is one of hers.  A little big but it is fab on and so gorgeous.  Made from Silk, it is beaded, ruched and laced and ribboned, very girlie girl which is so Trelise.  Worth hundreds and I grabbed it for $20.  Will be wearing this baby out on Saturday night to a 21st birthday party in town.  You shall see a photo of it on me then.  I just have to work out what to wear under it as it is incredibly low and quite see through!

The Union Jack bunting I picked up for $1 for my sons girlfriend, she is English and loves all things Union Jack.  The 2 rolls of trimming were only $2 each, and the cigar box was $4, pin cushion was $3, I have a few of these pin cushions now.  The picture mirror is small and was only $4 and to cute to leave behind.  The URGENT tickets are going to be turned into business cards for the birthday boy whose 21st we are going to.   They will have, "It's my birthday tonight so call me" above the URGENT and his mobile number underneath.  Needless to say these will more than likely be given out to some unsuspecting females later that night when they all hit the clubs. 
Today was some what dull and at times wet, but not cold, or was that my menopausal moments kicking in.  Anyway, I brightened up the day with colour, I love this top and with purple on top and black underneath I succeeded in being colourful.  One more sleep and it's the weekend again!!


Vix said...

Those brooches are fabularse and I love the Ikat type coat you were wearing. x

Helga! said...

It was actually G who came up with that term! It's rather perfect, as are those brooches! I am especially squeeing over the Frida one!
I am loving that second frock, darl...Trelise!!! She's one of the few NZ designers I like! Can't believe you score dthat beauty for a twenny!!! NICE!
Dammit, I need some British flag bunting! Awesome score, that!
Rock on, baby! XXX

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

A good afternoon out, it's amazing what ya can manage is a couple of hours eh! :D I didn't realise it was TC dress, no wonder it's so lovely :D

Tamera the Menopausal Supermodel said...

I must try out a scrimmage of brooches myself!! You got some lovely goodies!!