Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I buy summer dresses in winter

I am so over Winter, so over it that in fact while out and about today amongst a few of my favourite op shops I found Summer frocks that needed to be bought, so buy them I did.   If need be I shall put things on top and underneath until Summer gets her sorry butt back here!!

Both sleeveless ones have SPOTS on them, and the one in the middle is a now dress as in Winter and my best score of the day.  It is a Desigual dress which retail for Moonbeams, and as I don't have a good supply of such things I was beyond stoked when I found it was $10 and dam near brand new.  The other two were $6 each and will look much better when Summer arrives and I can shed my Winter coat and get some colour on my limbs.

This selection of goodies has been collected over the last couple of days.  A Dragonfly is for the Dragonfly collecting friend of mine Ms Webber, 4 fabulous heavy cotton place mats for me in the most fabulous colours.  The terracotta face pots I want to plant Mondo grass in so they will have outrageous hair.  The wooden painted bowl and pot are Russian and divine.  Four oblong and square fabric serviettes, these are going to be used in an up cycle project that involves a black jacket that is brewing in my head.  And lastly the edging on this top is all I want, also going to be used in an up cycling project.

I bought the two black possum skins off trade me that I am going to stitch together how I have them laying on the floor so they will be a possum wrap.  The cape which is totally reversible and has a small hole that can be repaired was $2 and the dress needs a new zip and was also $2.  Really should continue with sparing up the un spare room!!

So today I wore black and purple with my fabulous multi coloured scarf.  I was toastie!!  Oh and congrats to William and Katherine in England on the birth of their baby boy.  I do like happy news!!


Vix said...

I always buy out of season, it's when you're almost guaranteed a bargain!
Love the dress with sleeves, it reminds me of Custo, Barcelona - a funky brand from the 1990s which was hideously expensive! x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Very cool finds.....and oooh oooh to the dragonfly :D See ya later :D

his_girl_friday said...

Gorgeous dresses and I love those pots with faces on them!

Helga! said...

Sweet scoring,baby!! I'm totally loving those frocks, you look awesome in them!
I am so over Winter too. I just get SO sick of having to wear a bloody hat, because when I don't,I get a frigging head cold. Current case in point.
The scarf is super pretty too...reminds me that I have a multi coloured shawl I got in Turkey years ago that I haven't WORN in years! Must get that out.
I missed that damned Escada coat! It went to high for a cheap tart like me! I also missed the silk hat, more by timing......bugger!