Monday, 26 August 2013

I forgot about Friday...

..until today.  And it was lovely it was last Friday. 

One of the things I found last week when out and about at my favourite op shops was a curling iron.  Only $5, all electrically tested and a reputable brand.  So I had a play on Friday morning and did a bit of curling in my hair.  I wore the shoes I had scored teamed with some floral leggings and a chocolate brown frock, well it was Friday and we all know what Friday is all about.

After a wee visit to a few of my other favourite op shops I went and had afternoon tea with a good friend of mine, (one of the old kindy mums) called Karen.  She works at Wintec and took me for a walk around the Animal House area out there.  They have a variety of animals for the students that do the vet nurse and animal handling courses.  I fell in love with this Donkey <3 .
There was a horse, and some huge rabbits outside and housed indoors was a minargery. A turtle named Baldrick!! Chinchilla, Chickens, Parrot, fish, Guinea Pigs, and Rats.  Will admit I am not keen on Rats, or mice for that matter.  When I was a child my parents let me and my sisters have all sorts of pets.  I had a rabbit when rabbits were still a big no no, a friends cousin had been out shooting, shot the mother so came home with this tiny little baby bunny. We fed it with an eye dropper and it thrived but didn't know it was a rabbit.  I was given a hen sitting on 3 eggs that all hatched out into female chicks and were great little layers.  I recall a time when we even had a pet lamb! We had a dog and numerous cats over the years and we lived in town.  I guess my love of animals started when I was very young.  I cannot imagine my home without pets.

 I love my dogs, and they are always up for a cuddle with mum!

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his_girl_friday said...

Love all the lovely animals in this post!