Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tuesday smuesday, but no time for smuesing.

Early start to my day which meant I had to be organsied last night, as in clothes out ready to jump into first thing!  I am always up at 6am to feed the animals, make TOFs lunch and then read the morning paper with a nice hot cup of Earl Grey.  This morning I had to get up and ready because I had to drop TOF at work once we had dropped his car at a workshop.  From there I came home for breakfast, a few chores then off out the door to work. I will confess to visiting a couple of op shops on my way home where I am delighted to say I found some bits to go with the bits I found yesterday at the before work op shop stop offs!!

The dress I found yesterday along with the pink poncho, the multi patterned crop jacket, and the navy crocheted short sleeve cardigan.  Today I found the black skirt and this incredible coat, fully lined and fits like it was made for me.
Heading back out this afternoon to collect TOF and his car I stopped off at the Dump shop.  I got a flat ball for Sheba as she has to have a flat one in her gob and her last one is now stuck way up high in a tree.  She has been sitting staring up at it barking so she is now much happier.  It was late in the afternoon so the dump shop was well picked over.

I picked the two surviving cabbages out of TOFs plot and we have been getting into one of them as you will see.  I scored the basket they are in for a couple of bucks the other week.  My girls loved all the outer leaves.  Tonight I cooked us a bacon and egg pie with spinach, feta, tomato and Parmesan cheese all wrapped in filo with linseed on top for our dinner.  There is enough for lunches tomorrow and it is just as nice cold the next day as it is hot on the night.  Found this little wooden thing which is supposed to be used for remotes but I had other plans for it in the lounge!
Tomorrow I am having morning tea with the blokes I used to work with at the Engineering firm, one of them is a Tattoo artist so I have an idea for him to work on for me.  All will be revealed in good time but it represents my family, and my babies and my dad that have passed. I will be visiting the local op shops in the area in the morning while I am out.  One of them is half price so it would be rude not to call in.

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Vix said...

What a fab selection of clothes! Can't wait to see the tattoo! x