Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Springish weather continues

What a beautiful day today was.  According to the temp thingymajig in my car it said it was 18* outside, and it certainly felt warm.  I packed a good amount in to my day starting with a leisurely couple of hours at work.  Collected some old buttons I won on trade me, visited some op shops and then went all country and visited my potty friend Dawn.
Dawn's latest sculpture, crazy fat birds in a tree.  Still to be glazed but still fantastic.
This gorgeous unglazed woman is part of a totem pole Dawn is making, so much work and I cannot wait to see her all glazed in fabulous colour.  I think this one is going in an exhibition/competition.
I love that she actually planted a weed in her out door table and it is thriving, even flowering.  Oh and my last eye pot, kept forgetting to take it home.

And the very regal Taz!  She is such a sweet little cat who always finds the piece of sunlight in the most comfortable spot.

Of course todays selection of goodies.  The umbrella stand came from the dump shop.  The buttons I won off Trade Me for a mere $7-50 and they are fab.  Another basket but one like a trug.  Long sleeve top which is actually a lot brighter than the picture and a 100% cotton short sleeve cardy for those lovely Spring days!!

 My face pots got given some hair by way of blue grass!!

I could not resist taking photos of these Spring flowers.
Who doesn't like Spring flowers?  I love all the bright colours mixed in with the paleness of my dafs.  Even my Tulips have started to pop up out of the soil in the two big pots I mass planted.

Remember the possum skins I got, well I joined them together and wore them today as a shawl.  Check out my Daphne bush, she is doing so well this year and the smell is divine!!

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OP SHOP MAMA said...

Yes def Spring on the way.. There'll prob be another southern blast now I've said that..

Yip op shops are good right now! I only flung into a couple. I was thinking maybe we could do a mission to cambridge or TA oppies one day soon? YOu keen?