Friday, 9 August 2013

I do love Fridays

Must be my favourite day of the week.  No work to go to, and the sun is shining yet again.  Rumor has it we are destined for some shitty weather over the weekend, but I don't mind as I have had today to swan about in the sunshine!!  Everyone at my place is making the most of the gorgeous weather.  My backyard is a haven for the birds, big and small.

I have been letting the girls loose in the backyard and they've been having a fabulous old time.  Nothing quite like getting amongst mums flowers, eating her winter lettuces, and having a dust bath in an empty garden box.  Oscar gave up rounding them up and took a power nap on the deck.
It has been so  lovely that I've ditched my boots in favour of shoes.  These beauties I scored off trade me the other day and were basically brand new, how I love the stars!!!  I have little jugs of Daphne all round the house so the fragrance is indoors and out.
How much do I love my new to me old deck chairs? Very!  Scored these two beauties off Trade Me for $10 each, and they have never been left outside so pretty mint for their age.  Cannot wait to rock these babies out with either one of my fringed sun umbrellas. I am so ready for summer!!

The last few evenings as the sun has been setting we have had the most amazing colours in the sky.  The pinkish clouds tickle my fancy, and according to the old saying of A red sky at night is a Shepherds delight, we have been getting the fabulous days following these sights.  Naked winter trees seem to make the whole picture look more glorious don't you think.

Apart from sunsets I have been enjoying the hard work the spiders put in at night.  The intricate webs they weave are so lovely especially first thing in the morning when they glisten with dew.  If only their webs looked this great inside the house too.

I don't particularly like spiders but I do appreciate their webs, so I do not break them.
I do hope your garden is full of fat sparrows and wax eyes and that you enjoy the weekend that is getting closer by minute.  If the weather is half decent I am planning on going to a couple of country markets.

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Vix said...

Your photos just get better, those bird pictures are worthy of a nature magazine or a calendar, just gorgeous!
I love those deckchairs, we've got a pair of 1960s camping stools which look remarkable similar. xxx