Friday, 16 August 2013

Was it a waste of my time?

It all started when I was on Pinterest on the internet (my mother would straight up say that was a waste of time) when I found this. What a fabulous idea was my instant reaction so I then set to on the search for a Manrobe, or small wardrobe. 
Being the Queen of Trade Me I did not see this as too much of a challenge, and before you can say "what a waste of time" I had found one.   My only problem was that it was out in the country somewhere and I had to go and pick it up.

This is what I found and won on Trade Me.  Totally perfect for the job and from the measurements given it would fit in my wagon.  So this morning off I went armed with my instructions on where to go.  According to Google maps this journey was going to take me about an hour and a half.  I made sure I had more than that amount of time as I am crap at map reading and country roads.

 I was all good with the Country towns of Te Awamutu and Kihikihi it was when I turned off the main drag and headed to the boondocks that I had that awful feeling of where the hell am I going and I hope I don't get lost.  See I didn't take a map just a bit of paper with instructions of "turn left into..... then right into.......".
At one point I did actually stop and talk to a man who informed me I was going in the right direction and talked all country like, as in "just down there a bit, first right and past those trees you can see over there".
I am such a city girl when out in the country and I was more interested in the beautiful scenery than where I was going.  Thankfully the road wasn't busy.  Wish TOF had been driving tho' but he is away with work for a week. 
Pleased to say I successfully found the farm I was heading to.  The bugger of this all is that the dam thing wouldn't fit in my car. FUCK!
So they were going to get it into Te Awamutu for me to collect tomorrow, I now just have to find a trailer, and Jak said he will come help. Now most people would probably think "What a waste of time".  But not me.  I was so enjoying the countryside that on my journey home I stopped to take photos every so often.  It was so beautiful and colourful, in the gentle rolling countryside of Arohina.
I stopped to take a photo of this tiny little memorial church when a beautiful big Tui appeared in a tree above me.  So friendly, just stayed and watched me while I took my photos, how convenient.

I love the road signs in the country, wish I could have taken photos of more.
Heading back into Kihikihi I spied this cool gateway to a reserve.  It was across the road from a recycled clothing shop that I just happened to pop into.
Of course there was the cutest church that I could imagine turning into a home to live in. Unfortunately it is still in use, dam it all!!  Nearby was this giant Cicada that caught my eye, with a lovely bit of history.
Got a park right outside the Habitat for Humanity shop in Te Awamutu so it seemed I was destined to go in.  I found these cool as pants $5, two English themed mugs $1 each, they remind me of Sue who is swanning back in England with her family.  The gorgeous crocheted edge place mats were $2. After all my car was EMPTY!!  Could have filled her up with goodies.
In between Te Awamutu and Hamilton is Ohaupo a small country town with some very cool little shops and a school on a hill!  I saw this on my way through so had to stop on my way home.  Some lucky bugger is living my dream!!  How I would love to go inside for a sneaky peek and see what they have done to transform this church into a home.
Well it is fricken cold, very wet and windy outside now but at least we are not rocking up here in HamilTron!  Not like my friends down in Wellington.  So hope it doesn't keep rocking for them.  Have yourself a lovely weekend, I am off to make a few calls about loaning a trailer.  Wish me luck and cross your fingers that it's not raining in the morning.
Oh and remember:
"If you are having fun wasting time then it really isn't a waste".


Helga! said...

Fark, what a splendid trip that turned out to be! good on you, lovey, for just going for it! The manrobe will be fantasmo, bugger it wouldn't fit, but as you say, you were left with an empty vehicle to fill up!!! HURRAH! Excellent scoring, by the way, and the TUI!!! SO gorgeous, I love them!!! That alone would have made MY day! It's all very gorgeous, and I would have loved being along for the ride. In a way, with your great pix, I was!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Bummer about the not fitting thing.. Defo a beautiful part of the land.. John's mum is from Arohina. Really nice.
Yay I couldn't think of anything nicer than a drive in the country on my own!!! Sounds like bliss! Throw in a few op shops - perfect!

Did you know there's a competition for photos of Tuis?

Those placemats are bloody brilliant.

Serenata said...

What a wonderful way to enjoy the morning meandering through the lovely country roads of some familiar territory in NZ...ah memories! Great that you made most of your journey - even if you couldn't collect your new item.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

What a great idea~ :D Might have to get one meself :D

Poppy Q said...

I enjoyed reading about your adventure Sue. Thanks for thinking of us here in Wellington during the quakes. A bit hairy scary, but beginning to not notice them tonight.

Love the photo of you with your pram - awesome.

Julie and Poppy Q