Thursday, 15 August 2013

I went for a skate

Well not really but I went and watched.  My youngest Jak is into skating and not to bad at it.  In fact he got asked by one of my eldest son Max's mate to represent his brand.  Max's mate who he has known since primary school days has his own clothing label, Boneless.  He and his cousin and some mates have a small range of T shirts and Sweatshirts out at the moment and were doing a photo shoot and making a video at Wrong an indoor skate park not far from where we live last night.  Jak got invited to go along and Me and Max's girlfriend went and watched.
I am pleased to say this group of fine young men are having their range of gear made in NZ and it is of very good quality cotton.  I have a Boneless sticker on my car as the sizes are for the young ones. I think us girls may even appear in the video, not skating tho' just chillin out on the side of the bowl!!  I will share it when it is done and ready to view,  they have others on you tube. If you want to check out the clothes you can look on their face book page here.

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Misfits Vintage said...

Yay for awesome young dudes being entrepreneurial and fabulous!

Sarah xxx