Friday, 27 September 2013

Sometimes all you need is some country air..

Today I headed out to Webberville!!  Sues place is about a 25 minute drive from my place heading west towards Raglan, a nice little drive it is too.  She told me bring a project along with me, I told her I am a project!!  Or is that a work in progress, not that much progress has been made of late!!  I chucked a couple of things in a big basket and was on my way to swan about in the paddocks with all her animals.

I had a pile of Macrame cotton that I thought could be used one way or another, so we embarked on a crochet lesson.  I have crocheted back in the day but the jargon of double chains, slipping and into the gap is all beyond me.  I am a visual person, a hands on learner, following written instructions is not for me.  Apparently I am making a bag and apparently I am going to finish it tonight!  After going around my chain circle twice it was already big enough to be a coaster, so I am thinking I may well be able to achieve the goal set for me!!

Clyde the adorable border collie has a passion for stalking other animals, and today he was doing it to Jinx the cat.  Jinx won with a sharp twak to his head, blood was drawn and the game was over!! Smug looking cat well pleased with that result.

The two gorgeous chickens whose names escape me, maybe they don't have names, and Tiger was napping in the vege garden.  After lunch we went for a wander around the Estate that is Webberville, mooching with the farm animals and taking in that good country air.  Total bliss!

The goats are hilarious fun.  I like to bleat at them to make them reply, I am good at my animal noises, and there is a variety of sounds that emit from this bunch of ladies.  They follow you around the paddocks especially if you have a bucket of feed, and they do enjoy a rub between their horns.

Cara and Isobel are such sweet girls, and Isobel was enjoying a bit of lovin' in the paddock.  Cows have such beautiful eyes and fabulous long lashes.

The Spring bulbs are bloomin' gorgeous!!

Beautiful Clyde.

Nessie of Karakariki, box hedging, farm fences and Mr Duck.

A great spot to sit and contemplate the meaning of life.

Max and Mum.

What a view from the letter box!!

Country colour.

And a big shout out to lovely gently winding country roads surrounded in lush Waikato pastures.  The sky was a mixture of doom and gloom, all very picturesque.

Thank you Sue babe for a lovely city break you provided, and lunch, and my crochet lesson.  

Today's words of wisdom.


Majbrit Lyngby Christiansen said...

Lovely Sue.....beautiful pics too :-)

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Bloody awesome photos, my place looks great :D I enjoyed today, we need to do it again :D

Wendy Rayner said...

Lovely pictures sue,at webberville xx

Serenata said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time, oh how I miss the countryside that is NZ! Brings back wonderful memories, smiles and a hefty dose of homesickness

Helga! said...

Jinx is GROGEOUS, and I love Sue's face in that first pic!!!Classic!
I'd love to come out to webberville, it's just gloriarse!!!
We're all works in progress, aren't we?!

Helga! said...

Bahhahaaaaaaaa, GROGEOUS!!!! That might be a new word......