Thursday, 26 September 2013

How can you lose something you do not have??

Finally the Americas Cup is over and sadly we lost, but I say we didn't lose the Cup because we didn't even have it!!!  Well done lads for trying to compete on an uneven playing field with your opposition having a bottomless pit of money to dip into. 

So life will go back to normal in the morning, no more watching on the TV as our lads battle in more ways than one. I salute the kiwi team with a lovely cuppa!!  And might I add, I did not dress in mourning colours, I went for colour and embraced the day.  I went to work for a couple of hours and did what was required and then weaved my way around some of my favourite op shops while heading for home.  What did I find I hear you ask, well sit back and feast your eyes on this little lot!!

These were all only $2.50 each from the Hospice Shop.
I love the dress and cannot wait for summer!!

On the left, the skirt which has a ruffle part on the back and the Anna Stretton Jeans both came from the Salvation Army shop and $7 each.  The skirt in the middle is actually a really bright blue and long, the cute as shirred checkered dress, and the floral top all came from Look Smart and all only $4 each. 

The book is for my sister, the old cake tin will be home to my buttons and the little light house will be for my incense cones, the smoke coming out of the windows will be awesome.  Oh and the basket was only $2 and really, can a girl have too many baskets?  I think not!!

These two things were destined for the $2 bin at my Monday job.  The cardy has "Sample" written inside it and the dress needs a little repair on the shoulder.

This I found in two parts on two different days but in the same shop.  The bit on the left I got first and thought Sue W would love it as she has a Dragonfly Fetish going on.  Today I found the mug and now it all makes sense.  I may well deliver it to her tomorrow!

After getting home and then doing a grocery speed shop, I got out in my garden.  Pleased to report my seeds are starting to pop their little heads out of the soil.  I am so proud of them all.

Tulips and Granny Bonnets.

And of course there is always time for a pose down in the garden with the pets!

Today's little gem!!! 


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Hahah! Yep I can agree with that entirely! Fecking awesome finds there!

Serenata said...

Great finds, great quote! Good little seedlings, your garden is going to be awesome!

Vix said...

Gorgeous finds especially the poppy print dress and the one in need of repair. Love your green ruffly top and those Mary Janes are fabulous! xxx

Serenata said...

Forgot to say how disappointing it was - my older son and I followed the Americas Cup with much interest...but as you say, too much competition with bottomless pits of money!

Helga! said...

O, that whole cup thing was giving me the shits with how it just kept going and going and going........I'm not interested at all in yachting, less so in my hard earned tax money going into it.the least they could have done is WIN!!! Ah, well, it was exciting for most of the populace, anyways!
Crikey woman, you score well on a regular basis!! Some major treasure here, and you are looking DIVOON!