Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Spots before my eyes of the best sort

I love polka dots!!  
I also love stripes!!  
I totally love them together!!  
But today it was only spots!!
I got a dress in the post this morning that had to be worn!!

I wore it under my favourite old black tunic, over leggings, with a purple hooded jacket.  Today was insanely windy but quite mild.  I don't mind what the weather is doing as long as it isn't raining.  My sister came over from the coast today and we hung out for a couple of hours this afternoon.  We walked to the op shop over the road and round the corner from where I live and we went to Spotlight too.  She had a spend up while I was the support person, bag carrier!!

Finally I got around to hanging my tri panel picture up, and it is now hanging on a wall in the back porch.
Last night while searching stuff on Trade Me I found a lady wanting to get rid of some mulch for free.  Yes I inquired and today I went and borrowed a mates trailer and shoveled mulch until my arms ached and I could fit no more on.  Now I have to spread it all in the chickens yard.  Lots of lovely jubbly bugs for my girls to scratch up and eat.  May even get another load tomorrow if I can get this load sorted.  I am taking a couple of jars of my jam around to the lady as a thank you for her generosity.
I even bottled some beetroot from my garden this morning!!
The wheelbarrow that I planted is flourishing in this mild weather.  I think the bulbs are called bluebells.  But there are Nasturtiums, Ivy, Sweet Williams, Violas, and many other bits from my garden in the barrow.  It may get wheeled around the back one day.

The birds are all busy building nests and the bees are all busy buzzing about gathering nectar from the flowering plants like my Rosemary bush.

I really do love Spring!!


OP SHOP MAMA said...

Nice outfit! You are a great photographer by the way. that bee close up is gold.

Yeh feels like the calm before the storm right now. The kids were all nuts today, thanks to the wind!

Vix said...

Great outfit, the purple really makes a fab contrast!
Love that planted up wheelbarrow - another idea to nick! x

Serenata said...

You look great in your spotty outfit!

Just love the wheelbarrow idea - I am going to steal it as we have an old wheelbarrow in the garden that I was wondering what to do with!