Thursday, 12 September 2013

It's been raining, for so long.....

...according to Dragon I think? 

But when did a bit of rain ruin the day completely? I was going to shovel mulch off the trailer into the chickens area, but it just hasn't really stopped long enough to do that wee job, and there is always tomorrow.  It did stop long enough for me to take my camera outside tho.

Dull to say the least.

 a slightly wet Bird of Paradise.

 even a grey wet day cannot dampen the spirit of colour and some things still have their work to  do.

green gets brighter when wet.

the Fennel looks gorgeous, can't say the same for poor wee Cassie!!

With a bit of luck this so called Spring storm has now moved it's way up our dear wee country and now heading out to sea.  I live in hope that I will awaken tomorrow to that beautiful sunny weather we were experiencing before the wet set in.

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Vix said...

Same here - so draining and depressing! poor chicken! x