Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Wall of Tall and an open home policy

When we moved into this house that we live in over 15 years ago me and TOF decided it was the perfect family home.  Our house is old school, one bathroom, one lounge, and a big back yard.  Our boys learned about sharing,  waiting their turn and respecting each others privacy and space.  Sometimes we have toyed with the idea of a new home but I hate housework and the thought of maintaining a standard that goes with a new house to me is daunting, also we didn't want to increase our debt by way of a big mortgage.  So here we have stayed, raised our lads, cared for many an extra and have enjoyed a good old fashioned kiwi lifestyle similar to our own up bringing.

Behind our kitchen door is what we fondly call "The Wall of Tall" where anyone and everyone has been measured and recorded.  Our family and the lads mates mainly with the odd pet having been measured as well.  It hasn't been added to for the last couple of years, I guess we have all got as tall as we will ever be, or in my case, I think I am starting to shrink, and don't want to record my demise.  Our home has always been open to our friends, family, and our lads friends.  Over the years there has been many an overnight guest and many a get together in our back yard.  May this long continue and people feel free to just call in on a whim.  We aren't flash harries around here, just relaxed and friendly, you will always get a cuppa and a conversation.

This morning when I was up very early feeding the animals I found this on my deck.  Most people find a stray cat, not me I found my sons flatmate.  The walk home to their place was too much so he crashed on our deck under only a towel.  So I covered him in blankets when I could not wake him from his slumber and left him to it.  One of the many lovely young men that visits still.

We will stay in this house until we are taken out in a box I would say, and we will continue to open all hours.  Many a problem has been solved in the back garden, many a broken heart helped to heal, and many a good story and laugh has been shared.  This I am confident will continue until I am no longer required on this earth! I look forward to getting grandchildren and extended adopted family and friends enjoying our back yard and our garden.


Kay said...

What a lovely post!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

*sniff* ;) Noice post luv, looking forward to a cuppa on that deck shortly

Serenata said...

That is one of the things I really miss about NZ. The 'open house' friends are welcome policy - drop in any time for a cuppa. Here you have to make 'an appointment'!

Love your wall of tall...we have one as well.

It so nice to read how settled you are...wish I could say the same about me!

Helga! said...

This is just lovely!
G and I are really happy with our home too, and don't fancy a modern house, nor a modern mortgage!!! Despite not having family, it feels like a nice family home.
I reckon I would have loved dropping into yours as a teen, you seem to have such a great relationship with your boys and their friends!
I', giggling about finding your sons' mate on the deck!!! It's so nice that he was comfortable to do that! XXXXXXXXXX

Tamera Wolfe said...

What a lovely post--you really have a HOME not a house!!