Saturday, 7 September 2013

Why you should always pack a camera in your bag...

On Thursday I was minding my own business in town, found a park right opposite the Salvo shop and was feeling mighty pleased with myself.  Then I notice some burly blokes having a game of basket ball in the cage out front of the gym in the main street.  As I was filling the coin gobbling device that prevents you front getting a parking ticket, a couple of these blokes walked past me. Me being me I smiled and said Hi and on closer inspection I discovered they were some of our All Blacks!!!  If you are a kiwi or a rugby fan then you will know who I am talking about.  For the rest of you, they are our National Pride!!  Well not really but close to god for some folk.  They are our Countries representative in the highest form of the rugby competition.   Top Dogs!!

Over here in our country they are famous but not a protected species like in some other countries.  Super friendly easy going guys that are amazingly accommodating to people that pack a camera in their handbag!!  I had no idea which ones they were but knew I would have bragging rights to my family and others.  YES!!! Oh and the giant next to me in the pic on the right was very gentle and only 6' 8"!!   It was such a glorious Spring day, perfect for  rubbing shoulders with famous peeps.

Friday emerged from an overnight frost as another perfect Spring day, all though slightly chilly.  I had to get a big sack of Chicken food so picked this up en route to Dawns place as I was going back to help under glaze some more pottery for her.  From the chicken farm to her place, has lovely long straight country roads with crocked fences and leaning power poles and trees due to it being peat based and swampy.  I enjoy this drive as there is never much traffic so I can have my window down with my hair blowing in my face and my CD player cranked up loud while I sing out of tune!!  Fleetwood Mac I do believe.

On my return trip heading home as I was speeding down one of the long straight roads I thought I saw a cow in the process of giving birth.  So I safely manouvered a U turn and headed back to the paddock to witness the miracle of birth in the countryside.  Parked up with my camera I soon discovered it was in fact a paddock full of bulls and it was indeed a large shiny pair of Knackers that I saw and not a calf!!  Townie or What??  But those Bulls were so photogenic!!

The last leg of my journey back to town takes you through Templeview where a huge Mormon Temple is.  This place I am convinced is painted in glow paint because you can see it for miles.  Christmas is a really awesome time to go past at night as they go all out on decorating with lights and biblical scenes.  Trillions of people visit each night to see the light show.
The farmland out this way is flat to gentle rolling hills but surrounded by what I would call mountains, you may call them large hills.  I guess that is one of the things I love about living in Hamilton, within minutes you can drive in any direction of the compass and you are in beautiful countryside, the Waikato is truely beautiful.  Our city gets a bad wrap in NZ but to those that verbally trash it and knock it, I say stay away, we do not need your kind here!!  So there!!

I do hope you are all enjoying your weekend, I have done naff all today, TOF is at work, Jak fleeting called home looking worse for wear and swallowing Panadol like it was the miracle cure for the night before.  Tonight those lads in the photos above have a big game in town at our Rugby Park, Waikato Stadium against the Argentina team.  I shall of course be cheering on those who were so keen to have their photo taken with me!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Go the AB's :D They are bloody huge! Great post but now you've made me really homesick :(

Helga! said...

Bloody hell, aren't they HUGE!!!
What luck! I saw Dan Carter in the local supermarket once, but left him alone,as loads of people were eyeing him up and I figured he needed to get his shopping done before they descended upon him! XXXXXXXXX

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