Thursday, 10 October 2013

A Pug named Brutus.

It was Sunny this morning, and it was sunny most of the afternoon, and it was so good to have the sun back, even if it has gone and hid again.  So I filled the clothes line with washing, Oscar lounged  on the deck and George sang his sweet little Canary butt off!!  Sheba was too busy for photos.

I thought I should show you Georges House.  My Dad built it for me years ago after I found one in a pet shop for a ridiculous amount of money.  I very discretely took a photo for him, then he went and bold as brass took out his tape measure and took measurements and wrote them down.  But that was my Dad, he had a great attitude to life, a wicked sense of humour, and was a talented carpenter.  I wanted George and his companion Nigel as in Nigel Kennedy to have a big home not a small cage. Nigel has since passed away so George has this all to himself now and can fly about at will.  

I got a parcel in the post this morning before work, want to see????

The coolest ever bag!!  A pug bag, so I had to use it for work this morning.  One of the lads at work thought it was brilliant as he has a Pug dog called Brutus.  So this is now known as the Brutus Bag.  Good size to cart all my essentials with me. Purchased off Trade Me, could choose between a Pug or a Cat.  My bug brooches came from my sisters shop and I had to wear them all at once.  I had a lovely day and even enjoyed doing the supermarket shopping, OMG this could mean I am turning normal!!



Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

OMG! That has to be the cutest ugliest bag I've ever seen lol Normal? You? Never !! Normal people are such a drag!

Sandra said...

your Dad built a beauty! so good! Is Oscar posing? I'm sure he is! my cats are such hams yet the rabbits always look miserable!
The Brutus bag is adorable, I want to give him a squeeze and your brooches are fab!
I do love your quotes, Normal is so over-rated!!! x x

Helga! said...

That bag is outrageously awesome!
I love Geaorge's house!! Your Dad is a clever sausage!
Normal?! No idea what that is, but I'm sure it's over rated! XXX

daiseedeb said...

Want the purple sweater.
Want want want!!!
You look so cute in it!
; )