Wednesday, 9 October 2013

What do you do when it is raining again!!

After the recent spate of lovely weather, we now have some wet, windy, slightly wild but at least it is still warm, weather.  As long  is it doesn't hang around too long I am all good with it, after all nature is watering my garden for me!! Wet weather doesn't put me off so I did the rounds of a few favourite op shops this morning and came home with only a few things.

I have no intention of giving up on summer turning up on time, so the top on the left will be perfect and it is basically new.  The jacket is a colour I will admit to not having a lot of but I think it should go with lots of colourful things I have in my wardrobe.  Now as for the shoes, well both pairs still had their retail sticker on the soles, originally from a shop called Overland which isn't too shoddy, and the price was $149.95.  I scored them for $5 a pair, so $300 worth of new shoes for only $10.  I would say whom ever bought them new they were the wrong size, added heel grips and foot pads and most likely were still too big.  Thank you!!  But my best find today would have to be this:

A fabulous retro cane chair, that is so comfortable to sit in, as Tex can vouch for!!  He has only left it to have his dinner.

I actually spent the afternoon be a couch potato catching up on some things I had recorded on TV.  The lads seem to rule the viewing in this house and hog the remote so I have got used to taping what I like to watch and have a catch up later on uninterrupted.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better but the forecast I think is for more rain.  I have work so I shall be gainfully employed for the morning and then it is the trip around the supermarket, to much excitement.

This is true!!


Vix said...

Those suede shoes are fabulous and not just one pair but two!! Bargain of the week!
Tex is loving his new home - ours are buggers for basketware, they'd have eaten most of it by now. xxx

Helga! said...

Holy shizzer what a deal on those wedges! I love them! In fact, Overland often have gorgeous shoes, but ridiculous prices! Bargain of the year, I reckon!
Gah, it's been wet as feck here too, but today is just FREEZING! Tried to tlak myself into biking, but took the lazy route and drove.....