Saturday, 5 October 2013

Brits at the beach, Whangamata (PHOTO HEAVY)

Late yesterday afternoon/early evening TOF and I threw some things into the car to head off to Whangamata, the most gorgeous beach on the East coast of the North Island of our Country.  I have been going to this coastal resort since I was 4 but that is a whole other blog waiting to be blogged.

Before we could even set of on our wee road trip we had to evict Tex from the drivers seat.  We all know cats just cannot drive cars!!  We also made sure the stash of fizzy lollies were firmly placed in between our two seats, and that we had our sunnies.

 The Waikato countryside is beautiful.
 Hauraki Plains are  fabulous and flat.
 Karangahake Gorge is my favourite part of the trip.
 By the time you get to the Palm trees that line the main road into Waihi you know you are nearly there.
Over hills, past tall Pine trees and the first glimpses of the Ocean.

 We always check out the main surf beach and it was looking so beautiful last night.
Then we have to go to the wharf and harbour.

We finally made our way to my sisters house where we were welcomed by the dogs and a nice hot drink. TOF and the brother in law get on super well so Helen and I went for a drive down town. Busy night for this sleepy town but not busy like you get in the cities, so it is really nice.

Most of the shops decked their front windows out for the Brits at the Beach.  My sisters shop is the top left photo.  

Helens place is in a really nice quiet part, tucked away with pretty nice views.  Her Pohutukawa is already flowering, which is a good sign that we will be in for a long hot summer!!!  Her gold fish are HUGE!!

Dressed in keeping with the British theme as she had to work in the shop today, and we had time for a sisterly photo shoot on the deck in the SUNSHINE!!

I met up with my dearest friend Leonie and her hubby who were up from Wellington, we arranged to meet outside my sisters work place.  We scored ourselves a perfect seat in the sun to wait and watch the parade of British Cars and Bikes.  Note I have cut down 200 odd photos to spare you looking at this post for hours, possibly days!!  So get comfortable and feast your eyes on this little lot.

 My mother had a powder blue Morris Minor that we used to get around in when we were kids, love those cars.

 Selection of gorgeous oldies!!

 I love Minis, old ones and new ones!! Oh and there were other cars.

Top centre, my first car was a Morris 100, this one is an Austin, the old land crab.  Did a road trip with Leonie to Wellington via New Plymouth going down and Palmerston North heading home.  We used to pull in to a service station and say "check the petrol and fill up the oil".  What a trip that was!!

 Land rover and others.

A good old Anglia!!  But the car on the bottom made me smile with the rear window venetian blind and bobbles!!

Vintage bikes that my dad would have been buzzing over, and telling me which ones he used to own no doubt!!

After the drive by was done Leonie and I had a leisurely walk down town checking out the shops, such a beautiful day to be chillaxing out in the sunshine with a good friend.  We parted company and I headed back to my sisters place to see how the lads had got on with their fishing.

The boat was hooked on to my brother in laws truck last night and they headed off on their fishing session at 6am.  Believe me, I was in the land of nod.  I always sleep well at the beach, all the pure sea air!  As you will see by the plate of fillets they were very successful, and that is only half of it.  We had some of this for our dinner tonight and it was the best!!

My sisters dogs, Clutch is a pit bull mix and very sweet, while Febe is a dreadlock half groomed Poodle.  They knew we were leaving and were hanging around the car.  We said our good byes around 2pm and made our way home.

 Why does the trip home always seem quicker??

Nice to be getting closer to home after a short get away to the coast.

This is the beauty of living in such a small country, you can head off in any direction and only need a day or two or even less, to experience something magical.  If you have never been to New Zealand you should seriously consider it if you crave beautiful scenery, gorgeous beaches, and fabulous locals.  I have never left this country and most probably never will, it takes a lot of beating and I am totally satisfied with my place of birth, after all it is paradise.  My overseas traveling has been done through books, travel programs on the TV, and friends photos and stories.  No ques, no jet lag, no crowds and affordable.
We arrived home to some very excited pets!


Vix said...

Gorgeous photos, amazing scenery, a bad ass cat and cars I remember my parents having (including the Moggy!) I'd be in NZ like a shot but the cost of living would bankrupt me! x

Sandra said...

I love all the pics! then I showed my hubs because he loves New Zealand too, the scenery is stunning!
Brits at the Beach looked fab, the cars were awesome. I also was stunned with all the caught fish, a fish feast! you and your sister look so similar, I love your sisters top! brilliant trip and brilliant post! I think you are brilliant! x x

Wendy Rayner said...

Great pics, such a lovely place sue,saw the sign post to coromandel.went there,up all those winding roads up there ,bootiful x

Serenata said...

Fantastic! Are you trying to make me even more home sick? ;-)

You are so right though, there is just so much to see and enjoy and appreciate in NZ. Great to see some familiar sights. Glad you had a great time.

Helga! said...

I had no idea this Brits at the Beach existed!!! Looks like a pile of FUN to me, and lal those amazing cars!
Gawd, it is beautiful up that way!! I still have so much of NZ to explore!
O, Tex, a quick lesson and he could have been sober driver!
YAY to a lovely time with family, and the weather looked to be super!

The Green-Molloy's said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, is all GORGEOUS!!!!!

daiseedeb said...

What a lovely day trip! You have made me want to explore NZ!
Drooling over all the cars, being a car buff myself. Looks like a fantabulous day...

Misfits Vintage said...

Love this so much! The coutnryside is so beautiful (can't wait to see it in person one day!) and I love the cars! What a fun day <3

Sarah xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Love this so much! The coutnryside is so beautiful (can't wait to see it in person one day!) and I love the cars! What a fun day <3

Sarah xxx

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